Appt on the 12th very anxious

Hi everyone, i'm 39 married with 2 children . I've had occasinal spotting after sex for over a year now.. A smear I had in Feb 2010 was normal, as was the one in July 2010. I have mentioned the spotting numerous times to the docs but nothing has been done until sept this year when i went to the docs and mentionned it again and she looked at my cervix and saw a red patch on it. So she was referring me to hospital. I was lucky to get a cancellation for the 12th october, only for a letter to arrive 3 days before cancelling it, and now its on the 12th novemeber. Its a colposcopy appt which i'm terrified of having to hve biopsies etc. Whilst waiting for appt i had a private smear done which was also normal.. So I thought i was ok, but from stuff i've read i've found out its not the case. I also googled red patch on cervix and its shows stages of CC so now i'm in a right state state. Ive rang the hospital about 3 times trying to get a cancellation but due to my period i couldnt change it. I put it to the back of my mind only for it to come back to me along with the waves of anxiety after all i've read i keep thinking what if its advanced?? any help would be greatly appreciated. love Julie x 

I have an appointment tomorrow, will let you know how I got on. Not similar circumstances because I have no symptoms just abnormal cells shown on smear - got my hosp appointment through really quickly. Letter came Wednesday just gone! I have no idea what to expect really but feeling very nervous. I hope all goes ok for you xxx

thanks furbie for replying.. its a lonely position to be in and great to have people to talk to. Im glad you've got your appt through so quickly, i'm frustrated i went to the doctors in sept and here i am still waiting!!  good luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well for you, let me know how you get on.. love Julie xx

Try not to worry! And DO NOT GOOGLE!!!!!!

googling will diagnose u with everything!!! I cannot say what it is u have but the fact smears have all been clear does show the likelihood is not cc. There are other possibilities, you must remember that or you will drive yourself mad with worry.

all the questions you have, write them down and make sure u ask them at the colposcopy. at the colposcopy, they will not tell u if have cc as do not know until biopsies done anyway so there will be more waiting involved. So make sure u ask everything u can at the appointment.

it is all very frightening. There is nothing more u can do at the moment. Not long to go now. Keep calm.

goog luck xxx



Googling is your worst enemy! But I understand it because I did/do exactly the same :slight_smile: But remember you can diagnose yourself with anything!

So try not to worry, the normal smears are a very good sign. The chances of you having CC are very small and the chances of it also being advanced are even smaller!

Stay strong

Ali xx

Thanks girls for all your words of support, its very comforting... anyway I rang them 1st thing this morning and they'd had a cancellation at 11am. So i went for the colposcopy this morning. The nurses were fantastic and the one that did the colposcopy had a good chat first and i asked alot of questions, and as she was so nice I felt alot better even before i went it. She asked me if i wanted to see it on the screen which i did. Half of my cervix was red raw.. and it really did sting when she put the vinegar on! made my eyes water a bit! she said it definatley wasn't CC and was ectropian. my cervix is low also and where it was red is where i bleed from post coital. She found a polyp just inside the cervix which she wanted to remove but then on insepction said it coud be come from alot higher up, so i'm going back for a scan in around 4 weeks time. I have an open appt for a hysterectomy anyway due to my endometriosis so she said that can be dealt with all in one go if im going down that route anyway.. All in all I feel relieved. Ive waited 6 weeks for that appt and as you know the waiting is a nightmare as you cant help but google things.. thanks alot for the replies and for taking the time to answer me. love and best wishes to you all xxxx Julie

Glad things went well Julie and that you were well looked after xx


Glad all went well today. You can rest a bit happier tonight xxx


thanks again girls.. Furbie how did your appt go today??? xxx Julie

Hi x Consultant explained that my smear test showed severe abnormal cells so predicted CIN3. He talked me through the test and possible treatments and if I was happy to be treated today. Colposcopy showed 5 areas of abnormal cells which he said were CIN3 - most removed with loop incisions and some burnt away (smaller patches). He said results will now take 2-3 weeks  but he expects I'll hear within 2. Both he and the nurse were lovely. If my results come back no worse then I have another smear in 6 months then annually for a further 9 years. Feeling a few small cramps tonight and a little sore but overall much better than I expected. 

The most uncomfortable part were the injections of local anaesthetic - I had to have 4 because of the areas that he had to treat but I know lots of people normally only have a couple.

Im glad it's done now and feel reassured that the treatment well today. Not going to stress too much about thre results x 

Hi furby sorry you had to endure so much today and i'll keep my fingers crossed for good results in the next 2 weeks x julie

Thsnk you x