Reassurance wanted

Hi there, new here so apologies if this is the wrong place.  I visited my GP on Thursday as I was weeing for England despite not drinking a lot, tiredness and pelvic pains .  I originally went to rule out diabetes.  Whilst chatting with the doc we discussed the fact that I bleed between periods, occasional pain during intercourse and bleed sometimes when I have even a normal bowel movement.  She had a prod and feel of my abdomen, pelvic area and back, I had low area tenderness.  She then said she would like to carry out an internal.  It was during this she enquired if the cyst on my cervix had ever been noticed during my smears - it hadn't.  Once done we sat back down and she said this discovery together with my past abnormal smear results she would like to discuss me with another dr about a referral.  It was then arranged for me to have bloods done and asked if I would go the same day.

i am 42 this year.

i had looked up my symptoms on the net before going to see her but am not one to worry really, so even though I knew where she was heading it didn't bother me.  My problem has been other peoples reactions.  I generally get a look of horror, omg's, white faces and doom & gloom.  Now it is all playing on my mind.  I am not due back to doc for results till friday.

Guess I'm looking for someone to tell me to stop being silly it's nothing.  Guess should never have looked into too much on internet.  have even taken to googling the bloods requested.

Thanks for hearing me out and hope you have a lovely long weekend xx


Hiya! Dunno how helpful I can be but didn't wanna read n run! Its disgraceful the cyst wasnt picked up sooner on any smears, but I suppose it could be new. I agree with you that there is no point panicking until you know for sure that there is something to worry about! 

Waiting is defo the hardest part because your mind runs wild!


hope all is well when you get your results! X