Reassurance as waiting for biopsy results....

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I previously wrote a little bit of background to myself on another thread before I realised I could start my own - so sorry for hi-jacking your thread Becki (and thanks for your kind words)! I had a LLETZ and biopsy two weeks ago after my dyskariosis went from mild to moderate over a 6 month period (I have been reassured this is due to differences between the proficiency in Practice Nurses and Drs in taking the smears). However, I have had a long history of erratic bleeding (including great big bleeds for no apparent reason - often preciptated by gynae exams) and ongoing, old bloody discharge, abdominal and lower back pain. This has always been put down to dysfunctional uterine bleeding  for which I had an (unsuccessful) endometrial resection (bleeding just continued and period pain got worse). I was scheduled to have a hysterectomy for this in January 2016 but when my smears deteriorated the Colposcopy folks asked me to come in for LLETZ to determine if I would need a radical hysterectomy and when. Cue 'totally freaked out'! I was just wondering if anyone could provide any reassurance - I've recovered really well from the LLETZ, no signs of infection, minimal bleeding but lots of bloating and pain. I just wondered if the fact that I haven't heard anything in two weeks could be a good sign - it is ok to be honest if the time to results doesn't make a difference! Many thanks, Lex.  

Ok, so I haven't heard from anyone on the forum but I haven't heard from the Doctors either...three weeks now since LLETZ biopsy, so keeping hopeful! Pain and bloating have settled now so feeling more reassured this is just down to my 'same-old, same-old' long-standing gynae problems and not misdiagnosed cervical cancer! I'm sure I would have heard by now!  

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i think ink no news is good news but I only had my lletz on Tuesday so I don't know how long I'll be waiting yet!

im really worried so I'll probably be phoning up before the 4 weeks. Or at least phoning gps to see if they've had anything back


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Hang in there, no news is definitely good news.  They tend to get you back pretty quickly if they need to do more treatment and even if they do call you back it could just be due to unclear margins on CIN 3.  It's highly likley you will be just fine and this will be the end of it.

Keep trying to get your pain and bleeding seen to though - you shouldn't have to put up wiht that.

N x

Thank you Nellie and Esmeella - just to update you with the GOOD news, only the HPV changes - all gone now and NO other nasties, smear 6/12 -  so totally routine. Results came in at a little under 4 weeks from initial LLETZ. Nellie - thank you for the encouragement, I'm having a hysterectomy (with removal of cervix) in January but these results mean I can wait that long in safe knowledge that my symptoms are down to a dysfunctional uterus and not something awful related to my cervix! Thank you all for your support - I'm very relieved and wish you all the best too! Lex XXXX