Worried about biopsy results

Hi ladies!
This is my first time posting, I went for my first smear about a month ago age 27 ( a little late I know but I was away travelling) didn’t expect anything to come of it then lo and behold a very scary letter arrived through the post, severe/stage 3 abnormal cells/dyskariosis. I was referred for a colposcopy and needed treatment so had an lletz performed the same day. I’m now waiting on my results. The doctor said it will take 4-6 weeks??? Are they serious??! I’m a bit of a worrier at the best of times and I think having to wait that long will just do my nut! I keep imagining that it’s bad news and kicking myself because I’m a few years older that it could have been caught earlier. Even though everyone keeps telling me Il be fine it doesn’t really help. I’m basically looking for some advice. Did anyone get their results sooner? How likely is it to be bad news? If you had the same experience what were your results? I’ve been reading through a few other posts but just thought I’d start my own so it can relate to my experience directly :slight_smile: any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



i had had my colposcopy and lletz done today. All the questions I had went out the window. I called them when I got home to ask some questions, she told me the wait will be up to two weeks and said although I have severe shown up from smear, the consultants notes said she felt it was more moderate. They will check the piece they cut to see if there is cells on the sides and if so I may need the procefure again. It's helped me a little, I've been suffering really bad with fear and anxiety since receiving the smear results. I guess we have to wait it out now, pray for it to be all fine. X

I had a biopsy and am awaiting my results...i have not had any treatment but she said when my results come i could need the lletz treatment, could you tell me a littke about how that went ? Am slighty nervous about ths x

Hi Viva , after my first lletz treatment my results came back in around 5 weeks to say they had removed the affected area which was cin2 and had clear margins and my follow up appointment would be in 6 months . After my 2nd lletz I received a phone call 2 weeks after the procedure to ask me to come in to see the consultant the following day . They told me that I had been diagnosed with cgin at that appointment .  From my experience , and reading other posts on this site , it appears the longer it takes to get your results the better the news - however I guess every path lab will be slightly different due to whether or not there is a backlog etc so don't panic if your results arrive sooner :-) 

Hope that's helpful 

Hi thanks for your replies :) That's true Tanya I guess there is nothing we can do but wait, I know it's a really scary time, my mum suffers really bad from anxiety and she is actually worrying more than me atm! I guess just try put it to the back of your mind? Easier said than done I know. What has helped me a bit is organising some fun things to do with friends /family etc. Focus on the good stuff :) sending positive vibes your way. good luck with your results let me know how it goes! Haha that's so true Inch I totally forgot all the questions I wanted to ask, I might ring up too that's a good idea. Not panicking is definitely important. I'm just gonna focus on Christmas hehe. It's good to know I'm not the only one going through it!

The biopsy wasn't nice if I'm honest Katyc but at the end of the day I'm glad I had it at least I feel something is being done. I wouldn't be too nervous though I'm a big wuss and have a phobia of hospitals a.k.a white coat syndrome ;) you are allowed to take someone in with you though if you're nervous I had my mum holding my hand the whole time. Basically what they did is after a short consultation with the gyno they ask you to strip from the waist down and wear a hospital robe. You then get to sit in a chair in a very undignified fashion with your feet up in stirrups. They show you everything on a little screen apparently but I was looking the other way! They then insert a speculum to hold the walls of your v open. Apparently then they dab this vinegar like stuff on the area to see the affected cells. I was given a local anesthetic, which stung a little, but no more than any other injection I've had. I couldn't feel anything after that. There wasn't actually much pain and the whole procedure was over pretty quickly. The worst part for me was there was kinda this burning smell. Yuk. Anyway sorry if it's tmi I just wanted to give as much info as possible. I suppose I can't really complain too much, there's so many amazing women on this site who have been through far worse than an lletz. I've just never had anyone go up there before and have no children so it all felt a bit invasive, but all I can say is get it done and you will be better for it.




Hi! Just wanted to say hearing early isn't always bad news. I had LLETZ in May and let me tell you,my anxiety was going through the roof! I jumped at every phone call! So when.i got an NHS letter through less Tha two weeks after treatment my heart sank and I felt sick. I was sure it was bad news. It took me nearly an hour to open it and when I did and read that they had treated me for CINIII and was discharged back to GP and to come back in six months, I cried! My GP said sometimes they can be very quick, just depends on the backlog I guess!

concentrate on healing yourself now! Spoil yourself! Its ok to feel dreadful, you've been through a lot!

All the best xx

Hi Ladies,

Just to add....had some achy pains yesterday a couple hours after the Lletz. I just moved around carefully as it felt a dodgy inside but today i feel fine and got some hoovering done.  I think I'm being a bit mindful just because i know somethings been done up there.  Feeling relatively calm today. X

Glad it all went well :) yea I'm still getting a bit of dull pain in that area and it's nearly been 2 weeks, but I think that's my own fault I'm a keen cyclist and really missed it so decided to go for a really gentle cycle earlier this week,  when I got home i started bleeding so just been taking it really easy since then. That's good to know gingerspider glad you had good news hoping for the same! X

Just to update: Results letter arrived 3 weeks to the day, confirmed CN3, follow up smear and hpv test in 6 months at my GP :D :D :D xxx