Awaiting biopsy results and struggling !?!?

Hi everyone ! I’m wondering if anyone can help. I received results from my first smear test saying I had low grade abnormal cells with a high risk type of hpv so had been referred to colposcopy. I managed not to worry to much about that. I went for the colp knowing what could be in store for me. Once the doctor had seen my cervix he was sure it was a lot more than abnormal changes and that he would take a biopsy , I asked about having a lletz treatment and he said they always did that on the second appointment after a biopsy. I didn’t say it at the time but now I’m thinking that seems a bit odd as of a doctor was concerned surely they would perform a lletz on initial consultation rather than wait longer for biopsy results and adding to the time before treatment. I was shocked by how much of the changes were on my cervix (having seen them on the screen) so didn’t ask many questions (regrettably). Now I am struggling not to let my mind wonder to what if it is cancer, as I haven’t had children yet (I’m 25) and that has been my dream for years but I have been trying to do a degree first then have my babies. So this has really made me think about things. And I’m just so worried about the results and I don’t know how I’m going to wait so long for the biopsy results to come back , if anyone has any tips on how I can distract myself or how I can cope with the worst case scenario thoughts I’m having that would be great thank you xxxx

Hi :slight_smile: I’m new here so can’t share a lot of information I’m afraid but I didnt want to read and run so just wanted to offer a big hug and support xx
Don’t forget the colposcopy is highly magnified so don’t worry to much at what you saw as that’s not the true size of things. I did have a LLETZ on my first appointment but every place seems to be different depending on where you live so it seems. They may ring you to discuss your results or send by letter, they may off already told you which way they work as again all are different.
I can’t say its easy as its the most emotional time iv ever been though and every phone call or letter made me shake. I’m not at the end of my journey yet but I’m keeping my fingers xd that you will be fine and just need a simply LLETZ or something to clear the cells. Please do let me know how you get on and the girls here are great and have helped me no end so please use them here and any questions or support you want please pm me, if I can help I will.
Take care Jo xx

Hi Jo (monster) thank you for replying and making me feel a lot better just talKing to someone about this Who's in the know. That's very true hopefully it wasn't my whole cervix that was covered. It is odd how some clinics do a lletz straight away if they feel it's needed where as others wait and see what the biopsy says. Thank you I hope so too. Seeing what you have been through in such a short space of time must be awful and may I ask how are you dealing with everything? I know everyone has different ways of coping but sometimes it helps to know others coping strategies. my otheir huge worry is not being able to have children of my own (I know I'm at the start of my journey and cannot know at this stage) but it makes me so upset the thought of not ever having any children. I know this is a huge life changer for many women on here as I have read and I commend everyone for being so strong - I'd love to know how everyone comes to be this strong. Any help would be appreciated xxxx thank you again xx

Hi hun

they did biopsies on me first rather than straight to LLETZ. I think this is so the avoid over treating people ie giving people LLETZ when it's not really needed. im 24 and have children but we're planning on having more. They just explained that there is a small risk of waters breaking early but lots of people go on to have pregnancies after LLETZ with no problems. Hugs xxx

thanks midwife2be I'm hoping this is the case that they are just not doing it straight away to preserve the area if they can. I have always wanted a child and only one would be fine so I'm hoping the results will be good ones and il need only a lletz to remove the affected area. may I ask why you are having to have a hysteroscope and lap and d and c. Is that part of your cervical treatment? just so I'm prepared for what the treatments could be xxx

Hi Hun 

im having the hysteroscopy d&c and laparoscopy due to pain and bleeding I've been having for some months. Obviously I'm waiting for the results of my LLETZ so it's possible the pain and bleeding is down to cervical issues but my gynaecologist wants to do some other investigations just in case its something else xxx

Ahh ok I'm with you , thank you hunni. I really hope the results of the lletz are positive I'm sure they will be. And thats good that your gynaecologist is through xxx