A bit fed up

I posted on here back in November / December time just after I had received my smear results (Severe Dyskariosis).  A couple of weeks before Christmas I had the LLETZ procedure to remove the cells after a biopsy showing CIN 2/3.  The procedure itself was fine, although a bit uncomfortable, and I was lucky to have a really lovely and understanding Gynae Oncologist carry out the procedure.

After that things went a bit downhill really and I'm feeling a bit glum - I know that there will be many people who have had far worse happen and I apologise for having a moan but I just wondered whether there is anyone out there that has had even a slightly similar experience.

All was well until about 2 weeks after the procedure when I started to bleed very heavily and was eventually admitted into hospital on Boxing Day for IV antibiotics.  That helped and after a week or so the bleeding died down.  Then 2 weeks later, I started to bleed very heavily again and was treated for another suspected infection.

I received my results last week which show that the cells that were removed were CIN 2 and although they can't say for certain that they've got it all, they think it has all 'probably been removed.'

To cut a long story short, I am now back to having a horrible watery discharge which is what made me have another smear test done in the first place (one 12 months previously had been clear) and am now starting to bleed again.  I know that this definitely isn't a period, I have had 2 of those in between times as well.

With the discharge, I feel very sore in that whole area and am managing to convince myself that other areas have abnormal cells (VIN, VAIN) and that my follow up in 4 months will bring more bad news.  I'm probably just being paranoid but things just don't feel right and when I last went with my gut instinct, it turned out to be correct.

I have seen my GP and she thinks all looks ok and I am going to try and see the consultant next week but in the meantime, I wondered whether there is anyone else out there who has had a slow recovery after LLETZ?

Sorry for having a moan, I'm just really fed and would love to feel normal again.

Hi Sunnydaisy,


Just a quick one, as I am at work.


I had a similar story, had 2 LLETZs within 2 weeks. Exactly 14days after the 2nd one got an infection, hemmorage, another surgery under ga to stich it all together, IV antibiotics, 4 days in hospital.


It all got sorted within 10 days but just before Christmas I got another infection, this time dark coloured, foul smelling discharge, sorry if that's too much info. Got some antibiotics, seem to be doing OK, although my lower abs are still in pain and I get funny pains in my lower back and top of my legs now and then (especially after cleaning the house;)). Still spotting a lot. I think quite a lot of this with how big chunk out of me (3 x 2 x 2 cm roughly), so I guess the tissue inside is still trying to stretch out or repair or however you want to call it, sorry I'm not a doctor;)


But trying to keep myself busy with other things not to go bonkers. Have been back on my bike, although the weather has been awful and am trying to attempt some yoga.


Let me know how you get on, or send me a private message if you just fancy a good old winge :)