Really worried

Hi all how are you all doing? I’m not doing great since last year when I was told I had cc I have been an anxious mess worrying about everything and now today I have been to the toilet and there is fresh blood when I wipe (sorry tmi) I had my period a week ago so I am really panicking about this! I had a smear 3 months ago it was clear I have another one booked for ten days time, anyone else had this? I was diagnosed with stage 1a2 last year had a Conor biopsy done, I did get offered to remove the lymph nodes but I ddnt end up having the operation which has made me really anxious xxx

Hi, sorry to hear you're having a worrying time, waiting for appointments is difficult. Your last smear was clear so that's a good sign and there could be a lot of other reasons for your bleeding. Perhaps you could give your GP a ring to put your mind at rest. I've done a load of research on early stage cc and the chances of recurrence for stage 1a1/1a2 is about 1 or 2 % which is reassuring.  Hope you feel better soon, sending you loads of good wishes xx

Thank you so much for the reply Hun, at one point all I did all day long was Google things and ended up worrying myself sick, I now suffer with panic attacks and constant anxiety I just can't get on with life normally, think it's natural that we will always worry now but it's horrible, feel a bit better knowing it's such a small chance for it coming back, how are you doing? What stage was you? Xx

Stick with this site and you'll be fine! I was 1a1 and had my cone last week to get rid of remaining cin. My results should come through in a couple of weeks but I know I'll get nervous again even though consultant is confident I won't need any further treatment. My dad has bladder cancer and is waiting for his results from his op yesterday so it's hard to switch off from the c word! My poor mum is worn out emotionally bless her so we're looking forward to putting this year behind us! 

Time is a healer so hopefully the more times we have clear results the better we will feel. We're lucky that we have been treated for very early stage so please be reassured that the prognosis is excellent xxx

You are absolutely right! The more times we get clear results the calmer we become. I have been having 6-month follow-ups and after 4 of those I found I became much calmer. Nowadays I just regard follow-ups as a formality and an opportunity to catch up with a few good friends :-)

Sorry to hear you are having a scary spell Carlee, give your GP a call to put your mind at rest. If you have a gynae appointment in ten days anyway it's hardly worth booking anything before that, but please don't Google, it never does any good. Worry does nothing but steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing.

Be lucky :-)

thank you both, I suffer with anxiety so it's at its worst right now convincing myself I have another form of cancer as I am having problems with my bladder, I sometimes realise I may be convincing myself but then other times I drive myself wild with worry, I chose not to have my lymph nodes removed and I wish I had  just had them removed I think I would worry less then, I went to my gp yesterday and she told me the blood is coming from my uterus so do any of you know if that means it is not related to the cervix? wishing u both well xxx