Having treatment this week...scared

Hi ladies

I was diagnosed with having pre cancerous cells CIN3 last week.  obviously this is a shock to me as this wasn't discovered from a abnormal smear but because I was having so many issues in summer with bleeding and pain and having PIDfor 3 months I was sent for a colposcopy as the doctor was concerned.

so I haven't idea what's going on or how I feel apart from anxious, worried and full of what if's and all people keep saying is I will be fine but what if it isn't fine...i don't really know what to say or do.  Can anyone give me some advice or reassurance?? X

Hello Dolly84, I am sorry you have been diagnosed with cin3, however it's a good thing that these abnormal cells will now be treated. Try not to worry about the colposcopy as its a fairly straightforward procedure, not much different from a smear test. I had cin3 over 26 years ago, had a colposcopy & a treatment called cold coagulator , nowadays it's lletz that's normally carried out. Since my treatment all my smears have been clear & it's usually the case for most women. If you wish to ask any questions please feel free to pm me. Lots of luck & a big hug. X

Hi Dolly,

Really, really don't bother going down the 'what ifs' road. Wait until later and you are going down the 'Now that was interesting' road. On any other day to you bother with the 'what ifs'? What if the milk has gone off in the fridge overnight and my breakfast cereal is horrid? What if the bus has broken down and I can't get in to work? What if one of my shoes breaks and I don't have spares in my handbag? Come on, it's a waste of life! I'm not meaning to sound unsympathetic here, or to belittle you, I'm only trying to point out the multitude of narrowly-missed disasters we live through every day without batting an eyelid. Try to treat this as just another one of those.

Be lucky


Im goin the hospital in 10 mins for lletz under ga this afternoon ive just been reading ur comment im feeling bit betta now xx

I love this!! :-)

Good luck Lesley, be interesting to see how you go on as ive got my op on Thursday for biopsys under GA. xx

Back home after ga it wasnt scary at all that bit was fine the prob is my cervix and vagina walls was been awkward they couldnt do the lletz treatment so dunno wot will b next but honestly ull.b fine hunni xd