worried about scan results

happy 2015 everybody

Im new to the forum but i must admit ive been reading lots of comments from ladies in the same postion as me and it has been helping alot

unfortunately im getting to the stage where anxiety and worry and depression is kicking in.. I was diagnosed about  2 months ago with suspected cervical cancer after my smear came back abnormal followed by a copolscopy, which showed signs of CIN3, this was quickly followed by a cone biopsy , 2 weeks later i received the news it was cc3 1b1 ( i think thats how you say it my heads a slight blur atm) she said that a radical hystorectomy was the best option which i didnt feel to upset about it as i have 2 children and no plans to have any more!

anyway I had a CT and MRI last friday and going to the hospital tomorrow for results and to meet the surgeon and discuss the surgery which is booked in for the 8th Jan.. Im so scared about finding out these results i have constant fear that it has spread to other places and pains everywhere which i think are somewhat down to stress and maybe pyscological , I have read that after the scans the staging can change ? I hate feeeling this way and wish i could be more positive especially for my poor OH who is suffering too :(

Im looking forward to hearing back from people in my position I really do find this forum so comforting 


Oh Lisa!  I remember that feeling so well. Such a stressful time!  I think I'm right that usually the stage doesn't change with the scan but, as you will have read, there are some women for whom that is not the case. They might be a minority. Whatever,  you will find out tomorrow and that's not long to wait. We all say the waiting is the worst. I found I needed distractions - anything that allowed my mind to wander was not good!  My most entertaining friends got me through it. That and red wine! ;)

Let us know how you get on and feel free to pm me. I had my RH 3 weeks ago so it's very fresh in my mind! Once you know what's happening you will probably just grit your teeth and get on with it. It's so much easier to be strong when you know what you're being strong about. 

Sending you hugs!

Kirsty xx

Hi Lisa,

So sorry that you are having to face this.

Wishing you all the very best for your appointment tomorrow and your upcoming surgery


Hi ya thankyou for your support,

Just to let you know I had my appointment on monday, luckily my MRI and CT scans came back clear which was a huge relief. I have my hystorectomy booked in for tomorrow so typing this whilst packing my hospital suitcase, he said to me that he wants to take away my ovaries too and lymph nodes which will then be sent away for biopsy ( more waiting) 

I will keep people posted about how i get on I feel im entering the unknown I dont think ive fully prepared myself about my recovery after the RH its all happening so quickly i mean i was fit and healthy (or so i thought) 2 months ago x 

Hi Lisa

Great news about your scans. 

Despite that good news you must obviously be feeling anxious about your op tomorrow. Wishing you all the very best that it goes smoothly and you have a speedy recovery. There are lots of ladies on here who will I am sure give you some marvellous advice.

Big hugs to you


Hi Lisa

Hope it all went ok for you yesterday and you are not feeling too rotten today.

Big hugs


Hi ya hystorectomy went well in fact I'm home lying in bed as I type .. The only problem I'm having is immense pain in my abdomen , I finally went for a number 2 today which I'm hoping will take some of the pressure off but my tummy is one big ball of gas and feels like I've swallowed a bowling ball :( I hope it gets sorted cos can't bear the thought of going back to hospital ( let's just say I encountered some not very sympathetic nurses ) I have my results in 10 days and I'm praying that this us the end to everything xx

Hi Lisa

Glad to hear you are home safe and sound. Sorry about the pain and bloating it must be horrible.

Well done for getting through it, I am sure some of the other ladies will come along with some helpful tips soon.

Much love


Hi Lisa

So pleased you got through your hysterectomy ok.  Peppermint tea, peppermint tea and then more peppermint tea to sort your tummy pain and bloating out - it really does work.  I drank masses of it and it cleared it up like magic!

Wishing you a good recovery.



Lucky you Cheryl!

I had no access to peppermint tea, for me it was walking, walking, walking, up and down the ward for days and days and days.

Hope yours passes quickly Lisa :-)

Be lucky