really worried.

I went for my smear a few weeks ago (im 25 in october) and received a letter saying I have low grade dyskerosis and hpv infection! Eeekkk!!! I am sooo worried! I have my colposcopy on thursday and im convinced its going to be bad :( :( :( I have a little girl who is three and the thought of not being alive is really worrying me. I lost my dad two years ago tbis october to cancer but that was due to his drinking and my mum died of a stroke 11 years this october so ive convinced myself on thursday they are going to say I have cancer and its terminal :( :( :( 

Hi Sarah, i had a high grade smear result back in July and have since had colposcopy treatment and am waiting on results. Its important to remember low grade dys. is precancer n not cancer just as high grade dys. is also precancer. Precancer is extremely easy to treat, many women on here have had Lletz including me, try not to worry too much i know thats alot easier said than done, but you’ll know alot more on thursday after your colposcopy thats like a long smear. I’m not sure if they’ll do treatment with it only being cin1, but if they do take biopsies it usually just pinchs abit. Try not to worry too much n don’t google, you may want to take a pad with you on thursday incase you have biopsies or treatment. Take care x

Hi Sarah, I totally agree with Sharon. Try not to worry. Talk to people you know as you will be surprised just how many people have been the same position. I found out 6 people I worked with had the LLETZ procedure before. CIN is not cancer, it just means there have been some changes.

Good luck

Don x

Hi Sarah,

I'm right there with you - just had a call from the hospital to tell me my Colposcopy is on Thursday. Like you, I'm scared, and like you, I've been self diagnosing and killing myself off!!  The other ladies are so right though - loads of women have this procedure and it doesn't mean you have cancer.  Try not to worry, and I'll try not to either, and we'll both get through Thursday fine


Ange xx

Good luck for Thurs :-) I just want to echo the other ladies words....if you didnt panic I think I would be more surprised! I had high grade (moderate) changes and had my colposcopy and biopsies 3 weeks ago, I am going back tomorrow to find out whats next and the fear is coming back to me :-( I know how you feel! Having said that.......think positive thoughts, I know its hard but we are right here with you xx

Hi Sarah, I am the same as you got the High grade dyskaryosis result - that was just over a week ago on saturday 7th September.  I have been absolutely terrified and convinced that every ache and pain I have means not only do I have cancer but its spread everywhere.  Since joining this site I have realised that is an entirely normal reaction to "The Letter"

I had my Colposcopy yesterday afternoon and it was ok.  The Biopsies pinch a bit and certainly do sting but they are over quickly.   My Doc told me to give a big cough on the count of 3 and thats when they take the biopsy - I had a go at coughing and she said that it was pathetic excuse for a cough - no wonder I felt the pinch ! 

I think most hospitals will be the same, both the Doc and nurse were lovely, very keen to put you at your ease - well as much as they can with you laying there up in the stirrups but you know what its so quick and I am glad its done

They had a lot more info on their smear result than I got in my letter.  All that said was high grade dysk - but the info she had said, normal looking cervix, query candida (which my nurse taking the smear had mentioned) high grade dyskaryosis with moderate changes.    Now if only I'd known the word "moderate" was in there somewhere I may have been slightly less hysterical about my dodgy cervix.      I guess the letters they send can only give basic info but it really does send you into a flat spin eh !

good luck to you for thursday, and to Ange too 



Thank you for replying :) im a worry as it is and this has really thrown me :( every pain or ache I get in my stomach I start panicking :/ 

Hope everything goes super tommorow!! I'm soo scared yet relieved I will finally know if there is anything wrong with me x 

Hi there,


 I'm in a similar spot to you (I'm 27) and had my colposcopy and biopsy done last Thursday. I'll tell you, the estimated 3 week wait for the results is freaking me out no end! I'm lucky in the respect I have a great partner but you know what its like, once you get on Dr Google and that's it! I have high grade dysk so the nurse prepared me that it's likely I'll have the loop treatment. This in itself is a daunting prospect though. But! We have to be optimistic don't we? No matter how difficult it is. Stay strong honey! This forum is full of lovely ladies who are more than happy to help us worriers through it. Try not to stress about the colposcopy, it felt like a really quick pinch for me (after four attempts at coughing!) and apart from some bleeding and slight cramping, it's all been ok after. Good luck with it all and keep us posted!


Kirsty xx



I'm pretty certain that in the past they would simply have said that you had cell damage - no mention of HPV because they didn't know about it's role in causing cell damage.  It sounds much worse these days when the results come back talking about not only cell da,age but also AN INFECTION!  Now of course that leaves us worrying "where will it all end?  What's going to happen to me?" more than it did in the past.

I was diagnosed with severe and extensive dyskarios CIN III in 2007 - probably because I hadn't been for a smear for several years as I was the carer for the man who actually infected me!  And I was too busy to go.   My Lletz was cancelled mid procedure by the consultant and turned into an urgent hospital appointment for hysteroscopy and a cone biopsy under general anaesthetic.  He didn't like what he was seeing. 

The biopsy result for me was "clear evidence of HPV damage" and a great big chunk out of my cervix because of the amount of damage.  As it happens I work in a medical laboratory reception and I see all the biopsy specimens on their way to the lab.  Usually the amount of tissue removed is very small. 

It's now 2013. (Checks calendar to be sure that my menopausal brain has got it right) and I have had NO recurrence at all.  Every smear since has been clear.  I had a higher grade of CIN than you, neglected smears, a big area of damage, and I had HPV too.  The treatment worked for me.  NO cancer, NO further problems.  When detected at an early stage the treatment is highly successful.  One of my workmates in her 60s had this op years ago and she's never had another day's worry. 

Statistics are on your side in this one.  Try not to worry too much - what you have isn't cancer, it's just a few tiny cell changes that you've caught in time.

Good luck.