scared about what they will say



I got my smear results last week that found high grade dyskariosis. It was my forst smear as I had very stupidly put it off for 9 years. I have my colposcopy at 10:20 this morning. I am a single mother with three children and I am so scared that they will say that I have cancer!! Any reassurance would be appreciated

Hello. Hope you are feeling ok, it can be a very scary time for us ladies having to go through all this. I put my smear test off for a year and was petrified when my results came back abnormal, I had my colposcopy back in december and honestly that is nothing to worry about I found the smear more uncomfortable, I also had to have the lletz treatment which I think (I am no expert lol) most people with high grade results have. I totally understand how you feel as I have a little girl and I am on my own it is a very scary time but the drs in my case anyway get things moving really quickly.

please let us know how you get on.

take care xx

Oh and just to add... I got a phone call today saying I did not have cancer. Hope this gives you abit of reassurance :) x

Thanks Rachylou, I had the colposcopy and the nurse said that there was only a very small area of changed cells. She said they were not CIN3 (i think that's high grade) and she wasn't even sure that they were CIN2. Rather than giving me treatment that may have been unnecessary she took a biopsy and I should get the results in 2 weeks. She did say that it was not cancer, phew!! I am so relieved. It was the worst week of my life and I am so glad it is more or less over. So pleased that you got the phone call saying it is not cancer. Hope you stay well and thanks for the reassurance. x

I had my very first abnormal smear result this year. High Grade dyskariosis. I get myself smeared every 3 years, never missed a smear im 36 been having them since i was 16. So just because u aint had a smear in this long it dont mean u have cancer hun. I was on here in a right state, I read up online which was the worse thing to do. When I went for my Colposcopy the nurse told me my cell change was moderate. I think the term High Grade straight away makes u think u have the worse possible thing. Try to stay calm, i know its hard but stressing urself more will only make things worse. If ur worried give ur doctor a call, i did and it settled me down alot as he explained more to me than the intial letter did. Good luck..xx