Im 44 , Ive had abnormal bleeding last month and a smear has confirmed I have severe dyskaryosis. Im so worried as precancer doesnt show any symptoms apparently. Is this an indication its now cancer??. Ive a coloscopy tomorrow. Anyone in a similar position ??

Hey, sorry to hear about your results. I'm 25 and have been having CC symptoms for 2 years but started 4 years ago which has gotten worse. I too had severe dyskaryosis, and Wednesday last week I had my colposcopy, where they did a biopsy and I was given LLETZ treatment there and then. It's a very scary time as everything runs through your head. But the women on here have really made me relaz about the situation. 

YOu are right,  precancerous cell fo not show symptoms,  but you are in the system now and hopefully everything gets seen and treated. 

 I Am still waiting for my biopsy results so as of yet I do not know if my symptoms are due to cancer. 


 I hope all goes well and will be thinking of you. There are many women on here who are extremely helpful and very strong.


Best wishes xxx

Thank you , Ive rang the dept today the nurse was very helpful and said if there was an indication of anything looking cancerous I would be told tomorrow which is reassuring . It is so scary isnt it , Ive been in tears virtually all week . All the best for your results too the waiting is so difficult xxx


Good luck with your colposcopy today. Thinking of you xx

Thank you so much xx

Hi, when I had CIN 2/3 I also had inflamation that caused bleeding when a smear was taken. Did anyone else have this?



how did your colposcopy go? xxx

Hi Jessica I had cervical erosion which has caused blessing during smears also x this then changed somehow to CIN 3 unless they were always one and the same ?! 

It wasnt pleaseant as I had Lletz procedure at the same time . The nurses were fantastis though and really eased me. I dont think Ive ever been so scared and nervous . Still awaiting the results . Have you heard anything ??? Thinking of you xx