So worried & fearing the worst

Hi everyone,

i am new to this site & I'm hoping you can offer me some advice please. I am 33 & have always attended my regular smears,i have been so fortunate that until now they have all returned normal results.last week I got a letter saying that my most resent smear showed high grade changes & I would need a colposcopy. This has been booked for Friday 12 th July so not long to wait but feels like forever at the moment.i have a 3 year old son & I am trying to stay positive but keep thinking the worst & imagining that I already have cancer...I'm not good at all with the unknown & have already had cbt for health anxiety...I'm finding this so hard & would really appreciate any advice or reassurance anyone can offer.from what I have read you all sound so strong & amazing women.


thank you





im new on here too. just read your story, try not to worry too much hun.  We are all on here to support each other. pls let me know how you get on next Friday. i have my colscopy next Thursdayx

Thank you so much for your reply.hope you're not worrying too much,let me know how how get on on fingers are tightly crossed for you xxx

Hi boo chops,

I know it's impossible but please try not to worry too much :) 

I had exactly the same scenario as you - 2 clear smears in the past then suddenly high grade changes even though I had no symptoms. I was a nervous wreck when I got my results letter, googled it and was sure that I was going to be one of those 'rare' results came back as cancer. Your mind definitely runs away with you!

I had my colposcopy in May and they found 2 sections that looked iffy so took biopsies from both and the results came back as CIN3. I had LLETZ treatment under local 11 days ago to remove both sections. I haven't had my results from that back yet (they take around 4 weeks) but all in all I've found the doctors to be fab and willing to answer any questions you have so make sure you ask lots at your appointment. I think they can tell a lot from sight so can tell you if it looks unlikely to be anything serious. 

I'm sure that you will be fine so please try not to let your mind stay on the worst case scenario - its so so so unlikely to be the outcome that you have. This website is greato for realising just how many women go through this, and how often the one treatment sorts it so definitely have a good look about on here. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - Let me know how your appointment goes. If you want to talk or vent about it let me know xxx

Good luck for Thursday :) xxx

I'm new to all this too and have my colposcopy tomorrow. Have worried myself sick waiting for tomorrow to come, not slept properly or eaten properly. Convinced myself it's something sinister.

Thankyou so much for your replies I can't tell you how good it is to read what u have written,I just wish none of us were going through this...I worried myself sick on Sunday as had been googling & decided to check my own cervix ( not sure what I thought I'd achieve!!)& it felt so lumpy that I convinced myself I must have tumours & therefore advanced cancer...I worried so much that I paid to go & see a private gynaecologist (lumps plus severe result meant cancer to me) examined my cervix & told me confidently that I have cysts on my cervix & they feel much bigger than they really are.i cannot describe the relief I felt!i have been working all week & trying to distract myself from the thought of my colposcopy tomorrow,I am still terrified that it'll be bad news....I just wanted to say thankyou for your support & I am thinking of you all.i hope you all get good news,my fingers are tightly crossed.