Really worried about smear result

Hi, I'm new here. Had my first smear 2 weeks ago (I'm 25), and yesterday got the result. The result shows severe dyskaryosis. I've been googling like crazy (I know I shouldn't!), and been trying so hard to stay positive. I know these are pre-cancerous cells, but I'm so scared that I already have cancer :( . As it's my first smear, I don't know how long I've had it for which isn't helping. I read that it can take 10 years to progress to cancer (is that possibly 10 years or definitely 10 years?). I've been sexually active 7 years and only ever slept with my husband (though he has had previous sexual partners). I'm so scared that I already have cancer and it is already too late :( :( . I keep looking at my 2 year old son and being terrified about the future.

I have an appointment booked for a colposcopy next thursday. I'm glad I got quite a quick appointment but at the same time it already feels like its been a lifetime. What am I likely to find out next week? Will they be able to tell me there and then if I have cancer or not?

Thanks for any responses, and sorry this is such a negative first post! :(

hi worried87. You have come to the right place for advice, please try and stay away from google-ing things as this will not help you and make you feel worse. And one thing i learnt is that the internet is full of mis leading info and really only tells you the worst outcomes. Its totally normal to be worried this is a really scary thing to go through i know.I had my smear in feb this yr and it came back high grade changes meaning cin 3. And i remmber getting the dreded letter with my results and all i did was cry i was so scared. This is noramal because we are then put in to the world of the unknow and i think thats what scares us the most  (the unknow ).  Try not to over think things you will know more once you have been for your colop appointment and you dont have that long to wait, and till then try and keep ur self busy and talk to friends and family if u can it helps to talk, as i did the wrong thing and bottol everything up and now i can see this just adds to the stress.

I know its not easy and i really feel what you are going through, but you can do this you have alrady done the right thing and went for your smear, and you are in the system now and will be getting looked after now. My last smear was in 2005 so this one was well over due....

Do let us know how you get on, on thursday.. Will be thinking of you. And come bk here anytime as we all know how you feel..

Take care love sky x x x 


It's completely understandable that you feel worried, it's a scary thing that you're going through. However, as you've pointed out yourself, the overwhelming likelihood (especially as you've only been sexually active for seven years) is that you've got CIN 3 or high grade CGIN that can be treated with a lletz and that will be the end of that - done and sorted. It's really hard not to worry until you know that for sure though. 

Every case is different, but to give you just one example I can tell you what happened to me - I am 39 years old, I got diagnosed with 1a2 cervical cancer on 3rd October 2012 (when I was 38 years old). 1a2 is an early stage of cancer and my consultant reckoned I'd probably been infected with HPV the first time or soon after I started having sex. I have been sexually active for more than 20 years. As I say, each case is different, but I hope that helps reassure you how long it can take from initial infection to invasive disease. 

Did you have your colposcopy today? How did you get on? Did they treat you there and then? 

Annabel. x

Thankyou. Had my colposcopy today and everything went well. There were only 2 abnormal cells and she said to me straight away that its not cancer. I had them removed with the Lletz, which didn't really hurt, just felt a bit uncomfortable. Got a follow up smear in 6 months but looks like I'm all in the clear.

Sorry to see that you were diagnosed with CC, but glad to read on your signiture that you have been given the all clear :) xxx

That's great, I'm so pleased. You sound very relieved! Well done Laughing x

thanks for PM worried87, I really hope I have the same outcome as you!! I wasnt sexually active until I was 17, so 7 years ago. I just pray and hope it hasnt had time to develop into cancer - Will update on how it goes... Although its such a long waitm 2 weeks feels like ages away! xx