How scared

Hi Iv just a smear and it's came back Iv got high grade dyskaryosis. I know that this does not meN Iv got cancer but I am freaking myself out! The first time I had a smear was in 2008 and it came back inconclusive coz I wasn't 25! And now this! Really it is my first proper smear. Wot if ov left it to late?  I have to go for a colposcopy tomora and all I can do is fear the worse? Can they tell if it is cancer? I have three small children and well..... I don't want to think about if it is I just can't help it. 

Hey sorry to hear this I have also just recieved my results however mine is just low grade dysaryosis and also the hpv virus was detected.

i had a smear 2 years ago and the same result came back which frightened me so I never went for a 6mth follow up which I am now totally regretting...Im sat here

almost in tears cos I'm also a mother and now anew nana...hopefully your colposcopy comes back that there's nthing to worry about xxxx

Hey, i feel your pain!! I have had regular smears since i was 23 and now only 10 years later i am now having problems, when u recieve the letter all you think about is cancer, i know i did for about 3 weeks before my colposcopy! The CiN that has been detected is abnormal cells that if left COULD turn to cancer, it is a very very low possibility what yu have at the moment is CC. I am awaiting results from my second lletz in 8 weeks and know how you feel i too have children. Please dont worry yourself ims ure all is ok and the hospital will deal with it accordingly. Sending positive vibes your way, keep yoour chin up x

Thank u both got ur comments. 

Haf my colposcopy today they didn't say weather it was CIN 1-2 or 3 is this coz they need to wait for the biopsy? Which they took today she said she needs to wait for the results but hopefully I will just need to go back for a check up! It's just the waiting is the worse part! 4 weeks I have to wait now which is a life sentence in its self. I'm sure it will be fine. X