severe dyskarosis

Hi, im new to this forum thingy :/ but thought id give it a go as i cant really talk to my family and friends as they just tell me to stop worrying. I recently had my results back from my first smear(age 25) after being refused one at age 24 :(...the results state my cells are 'serverly' abnormal( severe dyskarosis), why they have to catorgorize things to worry people il never know!... anyway i now have to wait 2 weeks for my colposcopy, i cant believe i have to wait so long when its severe and it my first smear, how long has it been severe for?! i could already have cancer but i have to wait 2 weeks to find going out of my mind, im married with 2 beautiful kids and im nearly bursting into tears everytime i look at them, i cant think straight, i only got the results yesterday, this is the 2nd night im drinking just to chill me out.... anyone??! :( :( :( xx


Sorry you're going through all this too. You sound just how I felt when i got my first abnormal smear results, I was the same with wanting to cry everytime I looked at my son. I think everyone thinks the worst but usually once you've had the colposcopy you feel a bit better and have more of an idea of where you're at. I had to wait 3 weeks from getting my results until my colposcopy, the waiting is horrible and i remember thinking  i'd crack up waiting around that long but you'll get through this. Come on here and talk to people and read other posts and that should help a bit while you're waiting. Good luck with your colposcopy and don't worry its not as bad as you're probably thinking it's going to be.

thank you, your experience doesnt look very plealsent alot of ups and downs from being clear to abnormal again, its so frustrating not knowing whats going off in your own body, il be happy once i know there is no C word involved, they can throw as many treatments as they want at me, we all know afrter having kids pride goes out the window, just grin and bare it and hopefully it wont be too uncomfortable :) thank you xxx

hey michaela, i felt like you too as i was one of silly ones that avoided the smear test for a few years, when it came back the same as yours i literally planned my funeral.  However they will be on it like a car bonnet hun, I had to wait a few weeks and because i told my nurse woman how i was feeling she phoned me with the results as soon as they were in, im one of the unlucky ones as mine keeps coming back worse than the time before and ive been told today im having a total abdominal hysterectomy, as both my leeps didnt get it all, bit nervous but at least i will beat the cin3 lol,

Just try to relax and enjoy your wine and use this site hun, ive found it really helpful, Not worth fretting and making yourself more ill until you know xx




you could try ringing the colposcopy clinic and asking if they can bring your appointment forward as you are literally worried sick. There's no harm in asking. You might get offered a cancellation, or if they can they might try and squeeze you in sooner given that you have severe dyskariosis.

Good luck!

Love Louise xx

Thank you for your replies, this site really does help, i feel like im whittleing to my family, im a strong woman and dont like showing feelings, i have phoned the clinic and apparently the appointment for 2 weeks time is down as urgent, thats just the soonest they can get me in, as for speaking to someone about how i feel the recpetionist said 'theyre all on there lunch' she was as helpful as possible, hey ho... im sure everything will be fine, feel like im in a bubble, cant wait for the worry to be over xx

Can I ask, is severe dyskaryosis the same as CIN 3 or are they different?

'Dyskaryosis' just means 'change'. In other words, it is a term used to show that a smear result is not 'normal' - not what they would normally like to see. In a lot of cases, the change (dyskaryosis) is a cell abnormality, referred to as CIN or CGIN. CIN is the most common cell abnormality and means there is an abnormality in skin cells (the cells that are on 'top' of your cervix. CGIN means that there is an abnormality in cells of glandular origin (the ones 'underneath' the surface. This is the case in approxinmately 15-20% of cases. In essence, 'severe dyskaryosis' is most likely to refer to CIN3 or a case of CGIN. 

I hope this helps. 

Annabel. x

Just an update, just got back from my colposcopy, "no evidence of cancer" so relived to hear those words, he said them before treatment so what i cant grasp is why dont they put that in the letter and save me weeks of worrying! grrr.... anyway i had the LLETZ treatment which i found quite painful :( but was over and done with in 10 minutes... biopsis taken and to await results... but i dont mind now hes said those words i can stop panicking!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!! thank you for your support :D xxx it really helped xxx

Hi everyone,

These posts are really helpful to me as someone who has recently received a letter inviting me for a colposcopy for CIN3. I too feel guilty as I ignored my smear test invitations (I'm 26) until recently, and have only had one now because my 22 year old cousin was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. I know that it's not a disease carried genetically, but I can't help worrying and feeling hyper emotional about it. 

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing... I'll post an update on my situation once I know more. Fingers crossed it's just a precaution.


bless you hun, glad it helped it helped me too i was an emotional wreck all for nothing, im still waiting to hear from biopsies but im telling myself its been 2 weeks now and if theyd found something id know by now :) still bleeding from llezt and the smell isnt very nice either, im having a period now so hopefully everything will go back to normal after its over :) its very scary but im sure youll be fine, keep us updated :) goodluck xxx