Any advice I'm worries sick


I'm in such a mess ,its unreal . I went for a smear test in jan and its come back positive for HPV and then severe dyskaryosis. I'm have no bleeding or no symptoms but convinced I have cancer  and worked myself up and cnt stop shaking and cant eat a thing. Waiting for  letter now for appointment. Is this bit out of blue as had smear 3year before and clear so can something like cancer come on in 3 years or is it bit quick?any advice please I cnt seem to function.jess xxx

Hello sweetheart.

Aww I really feel your pain I do, I had my test back with the same last Wednesday and booked in for my colposcopy yesterday. I was the same, convinced myself I had cancer and was worried sick about the procedure. I have the loop excursion yesterday which was fine, doesn't really hurt at all just abit uncomfortable. She said it's only a small area and she's taken it away. I get the results of if it's CIN2/3 on 18th and she said it will just be a call back for a smear in 6 months to check they got it all. 

I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry cos you will make yourself ill. If you have kept up to date with your smears then the worst it will most likely be is CIN 3 and that is pre cancerous cells not cancer, and they will be able to remove it and then just keep abit of an eye on you. 

Best of luck darling xxx

Hello, I was in your position two months ago, however in my case it was my very first smear (stupid I know). From everything I read on the subject, abnormal cells can take over a decade to turn cancerous and even then it's only a 1 in 3 chance. 


It probably won't put your mind at ease, but for most women it's a case of having a procedure to remove cells to prevent anything from happening in the future.


Big hugs and keep us updated x