Really late results. Is it bad news?

So I've waited 5 weeks now for my smear results. I was told it would be 2 weeks max, it was my first test and I'm paranoid about all health related problems anyway. I've never had an STI, never had any problems down there. I've had sex with 4 people in 8 years, had 1 partner in 2 years, always used condoms. Had the Hpv injections when I was 15, no history of cervical cancer in my family. I'm just scared what the odds are of me having something awful.


Sorry for all the info, I'm just scared as my mum keeps trying to scare me, she plays on my fears, always has done.

Hey love

I'm sorry that your Mum has been making you feel more anxious. Anything concerning female health can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable, and she shouldn't be adding to that. 

Please try not to worry. The time it takes for a smear to come back is really not indicative of anything - apart from anecdotally it seems to be bad news sooner (as the brilliant NHS will try to get things sorted!) and good news comes slower. You could always ring your GP surgery? There's almost always a backlog and they will just be working through that. 

All the odds are in your favour, especially your HPV vaccination (I missed the cut off age by a few months and here I am..!). Only around 1 in 20 women will have an abnormal smear, and among those it's only very very few which will ever be more. Obviously all the women here will have had bad news at some point, but this is a very small subset of all the people who have had smears, the majority of which get things back just fine. 

Hi there,

Yeah its an anxious time, especially as this is your first smear... its great that you found this forum as its a great support network.

I agree with above post, the longer wait is normally a good sign... the old saying "no news is good news" 

There does however seem to be a backlog where i am from but obviously every clinic is different.

I have been waiting for 4 weeks now but im an old hand at this now so my anxiety isnt as bad as it once was.

Harder said than done but try to relax and if something does come back (which fingers crossed it doesnt) its normally something easily fixed. 

The point of smears isnt to catch cancer but to spot cells that are abnormal and or HPV infection. So rest assured that CC is rare and VERY slow growing. 

Hope you get your results soon... 


Hi Greatstone girl,

Theres currently a backlog for smear tests being looked at. Mine took 9 and a half weeks to receive my letter.

Maybe its worth calling your doctors surgery as they were able to tell me which test dates were being looked at. I was told they were currently working through the smears taken on the 6th, mine was done on the 9th and I received my letter 5 days after my phone call.


My smear test was done the middle of July. My GP surgery us useless. The receptionist are extremely rude, especially to elderly people. I get nowhere and always get made to feel an idiot for asking a question.