Waiting and not knowing

Hi i have searching this site all day from some reassurance as I'm playing the waiting game and going out of my mind.

I am 27, I stupidly put off my cervical smear, through silly fear I had lymphoma when i was 22 so struggle with cancer being a scary thing.  At the start of the year I had a little bleeding when I had sex not all the time so didn't think anything of it, i have very regular periods, im not in any pain I cant see that I have had any other symptoms, I have had two blood tests this year and nothing ha been picked up.  I mentioned to my GP about the bleeding and she had a look told me she would send me to Gyne to be safe. 

Well I went the Doctor told me he could see something so took a biopsy but reassured me that he thought it was erroti and I would need it freezing told me to wait a month for an appointment, ok all is well. Liturally few days later I get a call saying I have some abnormal cells (but it's not cancer) I need to come in and have LEEP surgery, ok had that done told to I will get the results in 3weeks. Few day pass I then get a call saying I need and MRI i was very confused and the Nurse was saying that it's now not looking good. I went yesterday for my MRI and have an appoinment Tuesday to get my results but randomly today had a pre-recorded message appointment saying I need to be seen at the gynalogical oncology department next friday. I assume it is really bad news I am going out of my mind i know it is only 3 days. Anyone else have any experience like this like best case senario worst case. Everytime I google I feel worse. 

Sorry to unload.

Em xx

Hi Em,

Waiting is the worst! I know it is 3 days and people may not think it seems like a long time but I totally get where you are coming from. 

Sorry to hear they have been giving you mixed information, I found my hospital weren't the best when it came to communicating things! 

The positive thing is that your dr took action now, so whatever happens you are dealing with it as soon as possible rather than some drs who refuse to refer or make you wait years for the next smear.

Please please try not to google, just come on here and you can use the search bit to try and get more realistic facts, much of the info on google is outdated anyway.

Let me know how you get on. Sending hugs x

Hi Em

well I think that I will be completely honest with you as it seems no one else is. 

If you have a recording for an appointment with an oncology gynae then the results from the lletz has come back as cancerous cells. 

Now!!! Don't freak!!!

you do not know the results yet!!!

1st...best case senerio is that cancerous cells were found but the didn't get as big of clear margins as they like

2nd..they didn't get clear margins at all and MRI will show no spread so a repeat lletz or cone

3rd... MRI will show a tumour... then staging

all and more are treatable and your story will go forward. 

You are not alone!!!

do take someone with you to the next few appointments as you will be overwhelmed with info and a second set of ears will help. 

Stay positive until you know what exactly you are facing there is no reason to speculate as you will only hurt yourself. 

Sending you good vibes and strength to get you through this.