Waiting for biopsy results

Hi guys

Im new to this so bear with me....

I had a smear in Feb this year. Had to go back in April as they mixed up my results. Got a letter 3 weeks later to say that the results came back abnormal. I was asked to go for a colposcopy and had mine 2 weeks ago, where the consultant told me cervix was CIN3 and she took a biopsy. She said that I would be called to get treatment, would prob get an appointment in July and it would be a day procedure under general but I could go home in afternoon.....dont know anything more than that. 

Problem is, I am driving myself crazy thinking about the what ifs! I know they say no news is good news but i know the NHS and things do take their time. I rang my consultants secretary this morning and she said it could be anotehr two weeks and they would write out to me and my doctor. I also asked if she new when I would get a date for getting procedure done and she told me she couldn't help me as it is done in another hospital and I would need to ring them. I rang them and they didn't even have a record of me and they said they would ring me back.....sorry to go on , but the waiting is driving me mad! Also they never rang me back!!!

You are constantly thinking of it ....in work I am ok as I keep myself busy. I have two sons 11 and 1 so they keep me busy. 

Worst thing is my sister passed away 3 yrs ago after a 4 year battle with gynaecological cancer so I know what a shit of a disease it is! 

Sorry again to go on....just wanted to chat with ladies who are in similar sitaution....

hiya, Sorry you're going through this.. the waiting is horrendous isn't it?! I just want to say though that if they even suspect its "bad news" they rush you through very quickly.. When I initially had my first colposcopy years ago they thought it was pretty bad and I had to have my lletz within 2 weeks. The fact they are taking their time should be reassurring to you. I know how you feel though, you just want to know! I'm waiting for biopsy results as well (from last friday) and knowing I still have 5 weeks is galling.


Hope you find out soon (but only good news!)



Thanks for replying Jessica. My fiance and mum have both said the same, that if it was really bad I would have been contacted sooner rtaher than later. You just hear horror stories about people having to wait ages for bad results.....makes you worry.

They were going to do treatment the day of colposcopy but after having a good old look she decided it would be better to have it un GA instead. I think it is also the thought of something abnormal being inside your body...you just want it out!

I really really hope you results are good news....keep me posted!x

I agree that they will rush you through if they have bad news.

I had a call from the nurse exactly one week after colposcopy to let me know that my results had come back as CIN3. She asked if I could come in for LLETZ in 2 days time. Unfortunately I was unable to make that appointment but I was given another one for the following week. I am trying my best to keep calm but I feel as if they know more than they are willing to disclose at this stage.

I hope you don't have to wait too much longer. After my LLETZ today the nurse told me that the results would take 4-5 weeks but if they find anything more sinister they will contact me sooner than that. 

I can relate re: the waiting - I had my smear in June and the nurse said everything looked healthy so I was quite surprised when I got a letter through saying I had CIN2. I then had a 3 week wait for my colposcopy.  I had it done on Tuesday and the colposcopist said that she couldn't be sure what was there as the dyes didn't really show anything, although there was some red discolouration so she took a punch biopsy and now I've got another 4-5 week wait for the results of that. 

The waiting is definitely the worst part as you can be your own worst enemy!  Let us know how you get on and try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know!)!