Waiting on biopsy results

Hi everyone, new on here and just looking for a little bit of advice. I had an abnormal smear/ boarder line changes and hpv. I was sent for a colposcopy two weeks ago where they took 3 biopsys. Do they only take biopsys where they see cancer cells??:( really worried. Also I've read that results should only take a week and mine have been two already:/ so worried and stressed and think I have cancer, just can't get the feeling that I have it:( worried mum of two beautiful boys 

Hi Xlynzix,

Sorry you are having to go throught this at the moment, Im a newbie here too but as far as im aware, biopsies are regularly taken from cell changes (so it doesn't automatically mean you have cc) I know its easier said than done but please try not to worry.

With regards the result, I really think it is more likely that they would be in touch sooner rather than later if they were at all concerned. I always say 'no news is good news'!..I understand the worry side of things though having been through it myself. Just explain that you are feeling anxious about it and keep chasing it up the result.

In the meantime, keep yourself busy but remember to have some well deserved 'you time' .

Sending you positive thoughts,



Thank you shaz,, I have rang a couple of times and they told me its far to early to have the results back, just hate waiting and every day is like a nightmare thinking the worst. :( it's really making me ill with worry. I Suppose it makes sense that no news good news, thank you for ure positive thoughts:) hopefully I will have a letter or  phone call soon enough x thanks for replying xx

Hi lynzi…waiting is indeed horrible. I was on edge every day checking the letterbox but I was about 4 weeks before I got my first results, so as the hospital says, it is still early days. As Sharryayr says if they’d found anything nasty they would contact you straight away. As for the biopsies, they spray a dye inside you during the colpo which shows up ANY cells that have changed & they have to send those to the histology dept to find out what level of change there was. It’s hard waiting & I was constantly second guessing the outcome but it’s easier said than done to not worry. Good luck, keep busy, & pop back on here anytime for support.



Bless you - I know how you feel I am in the same boat stilll waitingggg.... It has been 7 weeks now since I had mine and its been such an awful time - so stressfull. I am still being told that the letter to me is still on the consultants desk waiting to be signed :(...


Good luck with results - please feel free to message me if you want to chat to someone.