Random MRI appointment

Hello again! Hope everyone is keeping well 

Still waiting for treatment to start but I have had my planning scan last Thursday and my tattoos etc so they said it will be two to three weeks now. 

but this morning I had an MRI appointment come through for 18th Feb. When I rang to see what it was they told me my oncologist had ordered it for week 4 of my radiotherapy!!! Meaning I should be starting next week!!! 

Is it normal to have an MRI during treatment?? 

I don't know why but it's unnerved me for some reason, I hate not being in the loop as I am a planner haha! 

Any advice/experiences would be so helpful.



Kel x

Maybe call your clinical nurse specialist to check out the situation? 


I had one before starting Brachy so maybe give your nurse a ring to confirm x

I had an MRI to plan my brachtherapy. Roughly about 3 weeks into treatment...maybe its for that? Give your CNS a call to check it out :-) hope all goes well xx 

Thanks so much everyone, I will call my CNS tomorrow and see what's going on ?

take care xx


Hope you are feeling alright! I've got MR scan next week (final week of chemorads). I've been told it's to plan for brachytherapy and will give them an 'indication' of how my treatment is going. Hope that helps. 
Do you have a date to start the treatment? X

Thanks Teghog I hope your treatment is going ok?

still no official start date but I'm hoping it will be soon? They have said I need to have a COVID test on Saturday so I'm expecting it will start next week but I just don't understand why everything has to be done so last minute! So frustrating.

But hopefully I'll find out more tomorrow when I call the nurse??

how have you been finding the treatment? I go through phases of being ok and positive and ready to being scared and wanting to go and hide away and pretend it's not happening  :( 

kel xx


Thank you, the treatment is going well so far. I felt like the first few days dragged as I felt sick after the first chemo but then they upped my meds and the rest has been flying by. 
I was exactly the same as you. I was really nervous about what to expect but it's not been scary. Hopefully you will feel better after the first day. The most unpleasant bit of the whole process for me was the Covid swab as the nurse really went for it with my nose, ouch. 
And with the lockdown going on, it's been great meeting people at the hospital and getting out of the house on a daily basis. Everyone will be so supportive. 
You'll be great and smash it. Big virtual hugs xxx

Yeh I have the COVID test on Saturday I am really dreading that!!! 

just found out my treatment starts on Tuesday so wish me luck!! All the best for the rest of your treatment lovely 

Hi Rubyshoes

Was thinking of you and thought it might be your first week of treatment this week so wanted to see how you were getting on?

You've got this. And don't worry if you are finding it hard, my first week was harder than the rest of them. It does get easier and you get a routine established. X

Hi teghog, 

that's sweet! Yeh my first week of treatment is over yay! Actually not been too bad except for the chemo day which was pretty grim but got through! 

no overly bad side effects yet but taking each day as it comes!! Just focused on getting through it and hopefully that being the end of it!! 

hope you are well xxx