MRI result appointment tomorrow! So worried.

Hi all, 

After finishing my treatment in August I have my 12 week appointment tomorrow, following my MRI scan a couple of weeks ago. I seem to have been scanned really early but my oncology nurse seems to think there isnt any more too it and was just fitted into a slot. I've been worrying i'm going to get a call for the last 3 weeks, but it is my pre-arranged appointment date for tomorrow. Safe to say i'm absolutely papping my pants!!! No doubt i'll not sleep tonight! I'm trying not to worry as i know there's absolutley jack i can do about it, but it's making me feel sick to the bottom of my stomach. I now think the acid i've been having the last week or so has been down to stress. I'm also really concious about the aching i've had in groin/top of left leg. it seems so be there for a day or two then disappear or dull for a while. Not sure if it's related to my bowel/bladder and pressure etc. Worrying it's to do with lymph nodes though. Oh the waiting is so horrible. Again my oncology nurse said they would be looking for things which were constant or getting worse. 

Anyway... i wanted to ask any of you lovely lot on here if there was anything/ any particular question that anyone would recommend asking my oncologist? I have a list of things i want to ask but just wondered if there was anything people found came up afterwards that they wished they had asked at the appointment. I have a list of health questions as my GP's are rubbish! Everytime i go to them they say speak to your oncologist...noone seems to be able to give you a straight answer nowadays! not sure if anyone else has had this post treatment.  

also has anyone experienced their hair continuing to thin out/losing it 12 weeks post treatment? i'm not sure whether i'm just so concious of it now that i'm being paranoid or it's just stress making it worse. I'm suprised i've got any left the rate it's coming out :(

Thanks in advance! 


Hope you get a good result tomorrow.  

I've got no 'must ask' questions for you and I think the problem is, no one can give you a straight answer because they don't know 

I had acid due to stress and I think most of us get niggling aches and pains that there doesn't seem to be anything causing it. I think once you get your (hopefully good) results, you just have to carry on with your life as normal. 

I think the rule of thumb is that any pain or new symptoms that last more than 3 weeks should be investigated 

Best wishes for your results. Hopefully you get to take a deep breath and relax very soon.

My hair used to be extremely thick but now it's thin, curly, frizzy and fragile. It was coming out in clumps initially but now has stabilised but not thickening up again. Just staying thin and fragile.

I only asked them about what was worrying me, how long different symptoms might last, my ongoing follow-up and  treatment options going forward if I needed them.

Take care xx


thanks for your responses. 

It was good news about my lymph node involvemet as they are no longer showing on the MRI! :) But they couldn't specify if i had any remaining tumour due to there being a 'haze' on the MRI, and are querying movement during scan as to why the haze is there. They've said to scan again in 3 months. So it was a bit of a mixed bag really. 
Got a review with my consultant in a couple of weeks as he wasn't there to deliver the information and the registrar who was couldn't answer a lot of my questions. Which both myself and my partner found so frustrating as that's what you are going there for. Luckily my oncologist nurse was around and spent time with us to go through some things which actually made the difference between that being an appointment where we just felt like another case, which i know we would've come away from feeling really deflated and felt like we'd waited the 2 and a half hours previously to be hit with a load of "i don't knows" .

I feel really positive and thankful about the news about my lymph nodes but i just feel in limbo again, not knowing. 

Great news about the lymph nodes. The consultant, when you see him a couple of weeks might give you a better idea about the scan. Aaarggghhh, They really like the three month intervals!!  If they can't see it clearly, that shows significant shrinkage. Much better than being able to see it clearly. They're are a few people that have recently had their first review who aren't fully clear, and waiting for their next scans.

Frustrating for you not to be able to see your consultant. The registrar gave me the news too, but I got to see my consultant briefly at the end, so that I could ask questions.

Thinking of you, but take time to celebrate the great news about the lymph nodes with your partner. That is awesome! Use the two weeks to write down any questions you both have.

Sorry about this little bump for you. Remember the radiation keeps working for awhile.

Take care xx