MRI and results

hi ladies


i received an appointment letter today, for my MRI scan for the 3rd November with an appointment the week after for results! It's safe to say I am bricking it! I feel sick at just the thought of it all! I am dreading it, but really need to know the result, so many emotions I can't cope lol 


maybe be a challenge to see if I can keep my fingers crossed until then lol

Hideous hideous waiting. I hear you and wish you great results! 

Hi Tracy

Yes, the waiting is awful - I remember it well.  Try to do as much as possible to keep your mind occupied with other stuff.  A friend bought me a guided meditation cd at the time and it really helped me.  Keeping everything crossed for you.



Hi Tracy,

The first few follow-up appointments are indeed terrifying. Try not to worry, your treatment is the best and it's very rare indeed that it hasn't worked. After a while you will find follow-ups less terrifying, you just have to get a few 'all clear's under your belt before you get in stride. Holding your hand sweetheart through this scary phase.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks ladies


very kind of you to reply.

tivoli thank you so much, what you said made me smile xx You are,too kind xx

im guessing what I'm about to say goes across the board,,but every bloody twinge, pain anything makes you think it ain't gone, or it's somewhere else now! Driving me crazy, I do have some after effects of,treatment, that I understand,,but mentally, every pain is doing my head in! Sometimes I wish I could fast forward to results day, other times I would rather not know! 


i remember my first post treatment MRI so well. I took 3 friends with me that day and we had a post MRI lunch to turn celebrate! But yes, I was scared and shaking that day.

something I took great comfort in before my first scan was that the radiation keeps on damaging those tumour cells for several weeks after you have finished treatment And that is why they do not scan you for several weeks.

Look after yourself,


big hugs,




hi naz


thanks for the reply, sounds like you had a good ish MRI day, I'm really not bothered about the MRI, it's the results the week after that I'm not looking forward to! But hey ho, gotten be done, either way they turn out, I will be having a well deserved cold beer after! 


Thanks again for for the reply, I really appreciate it, I hope you are ok now. Did you have the ' Oh I have a pain, is it cancer' thing? It's really getting on my nerves now! 

Thank you so much, hope you are doing ok x

Thank you for reply, very kind hope you are doing ok now xx

Hi Tracy.

i saw my Consultant last week and was told to go and celebrate as I have hit the 5 year mark. The  dry Champagne had never tasted so sweet!

You will worry over nothing at the beginning and I think that is human nature and quite frankly we are entitled to worry and be wary of aches and pains after what we have been through.

I had a backache for a while and sometimes would get a pain in my tummy and deep down you know it is not the cancer but somehow you can't or don't want really want to dismiss it and you will log onto the Jo's Trust forum to get some answers  until you next see your oncologist or speak to your nurse.

i used to mention every ache and pain to my consultant and oncologist every time I would see them...I must have been a bundle of fun...I think it used to make me feel better talking about what had happened in the past 3 months and of course they would reassure me and give me a thorough examination!

The first year is tough - I hated using the dilator but 3 times a week I would put SKY news on and get on with it for 10 minutes - but it gets easier. 

You may will feel tired at times, don't fight it, just rest. It is important to make time for yourself and if you can, plan little treats with friends/family even if it is just a walk in a nice park!

You may have some bowels or bladder issues and will wonder if it is cancer related and the answer in most cases is NO but it is due to the chemoradiation and again it will get better.

Stay well,

Big hugs,





what a superstar you are! Massive congratulations!!!!!!!!!!,that is the best news! Celebrate big time!!!!!


and thank you so very much for taking the time to write what you did, it really means a lot. I will remember everything you have said, and recall it in my mind whenever I get an ache or pain lol


thank you so much, you don't know how much I appreciate what you have written 



Thank you and you are most welcome. Think positive and don't let dark thoughts hinder your recovery.

There are many 2b 5 year+ survivors out there, they may no longer post but they are around and leading a normal life.