MRI scan

Hi ladies hope everyone is doing ok? Just thought I'd check in because I haven't for a while. So this Is my last week of treatment before I start my brachytherapy it's been a quick 5 weeks I must say although very tiring/draining and all the kind ladies who replied to my posts regarding treatment before I started was right in saying it can be rough but it is doable so if any one reading is about to start treatment then I would remember that because that helped me Knowing that even when I was feeling quite rubbish I knew I could get thru it. So I had a MRI today for the positioning of the rods for brachytherapy and it was 8 weeks exactly to the day when I was diagnosed and Lying on the bed waiting for my MRI so I could be staged. The scan was ok I wasn't nervous strangely quite relaxed! But now the panic has set in knowing i will get some sort of idea on how it's gone, my nurse has told me this is not to see how am getting on because treatment hasn't finished but it hasn't made me feel any less nervous! It just takes me back to beginning of that fear of the unknown! Sorry to go on! But here is the only place were I feel you ladies understand. So thanks for listening! I apreciate it. 

Big hugs



Hi there, 

I was wondering how you were getting on, and so glad you are doing ok and nearly there.

Funny how each hospital is different.  I had my mri after the rods were positioned, and then a ct scan.... all very daunting but due to the anesthetic I didnt take much notice, and by the time I was taking things in, the consultant gave me an update.  I think I would of worried like mad if they hadnt given me an update or progress report.

I really feel for you, maybe you can ask for an update ? 

Keeping everything crossed for you

Hi Dominique,

How funny was just looking today to see if you had posted.Well....

nearly there YAY!! Sorry I can't give any advice on the Brachy,but

as alway's I wish you all the best,and look forward to you posting

that you have finshed all your treatment.

Take care

Becky x 


Hi Tracey aparantley I will also be having another 1 on the day of my brachytherapy?! I was quite confused by the whole thing myself! But I see my dr on Thursday before chemo and she did say we will discuss your scan then to see how things our going. It was my CNS who told me not to put a lot of worry or hope on the scan as treatment hasn't finished they wanted to see the positioning of my insides. I'm really nervous to no how things are going I use to be constantly on my nurses back over every little thing but now I'm feeling the saying ignorance is bliss is how I'm dealing with it! Hi becky and thank you I apreciate your kind words you to Tracey. I guess il keep you updated fingers and toes crossed with a bit of positive News! Thanks ladies xx

Hi Dominique

Good to hear that you are coping ok with the treatment and that it isnt too much longer to go.  I havent had the same treatment as you but can quite undertsand the fear and panic wondering how things are etc.  I guess we all have those feelings at different stages of our treatment - we wouldnt be normal if it didnt have some kind of effect on us mentally!  I will keep everything crossed for you in that the rest of the treatment goes well and that you get really good results from it.

I have my next 4 monthly check up on Friday and naturally feel a bit apprehensive hoping that all will be well.  It will be a year on Wednesday that I went for my routine smear that led to the discovery of the CC.  What a year!  Feel fine now though and long may that feeling continue! Hope that gives hope to all you ladies out there that are starting your journey.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thank you Cheryl and good luck for your check up keep us posted xx

Good luck for thursday.  let us know how you get on,  and maybe think of it as a progress report...... 

Keeping everything crossed for you

Thanks Tracey other dr is very happy with the way things are going so that will do for me! Xx

That should say the dr not other Dr!