I was tolled just before Christmas that I had cervical cancer and I was going to be having a historectomy was at hospital appointment today and the doc that I seen said he wanted me to get radiotherapy instead as I have stage 21b and that’s the best treatment and my cancer is 4 cm what I’m reading I’m not sure if I could let them do some of the procedures I just want to curl up and cry but I can’t I have got to stay strong for everyone around

HI leanne. 

I am so sorry to hear your news. 

I'm not sure what procedures you mean because I have just gone straight to chemo and radiotherapy. 

Radiotherapy though is pretty easy. You just basically get on a bed after pulling your pants down and get zapped. 

Sending you love  x 

Hi Leanne,

So sorry for your diagnosis but this is definitely the best place to be. You stay right away from Google from now on. Radiotherapy is brilliant at knocking this disease out, don't you worry. If you want to curl up and cry you're allowed to, it's not a crime.


Be lucky :-)

Thank-you it's called intrauterine brachytherapy I'm so worried just in case they say they need to do that to me 

Thank-you xx

Hi leanne, 

The thought of Brachytherapy terrified me when I Googled it too!! I know different places do it differently, but I can say that the HDR ( high dosage) that I has as part of my treatment wasn't nearly as bad as I had decided it would be. 

As Philleepa said it is just a case of de-layering and getting lined up for zapping. It is a little daunting for the first few days but the staff will soon have you at ease. 

Lots of hugs and best wishes heading your way xx



Thank you I'm just so scared the not knowing is really frightening xxx

1st thing do not Google!!!!

i have advanced cc and I've had it all chemo, radio and brachy! Im back at work now and getting back to normal d the side effects.....the brachy is a walk in the park! Trust me I was so poorly throughout chemo and radio was a doddle but you may have "tattoos" which are just dots so they can line you up for the radio. The only uncomfortable thing with the brachy is the taking out the rods and packing BUT it's only 3 sessions! It doesn't hurt or anything and I would say :-).

if you have questions come on here to us not google

That's what terrifies me 

Don't let any of the treatments terrify you. From everything I have read (& believe me I have read a lot) , brachytherapy isn't as bad as it seems. Everyone has a different type too. Some people only have a few minutes but some people have quite a lot. 

You have to look at it that it's something you HAVE to go through but it's never as bad as you think. The worst thing is the fear.

I have a saying on my phone




You're not alone.... the thought of brachy terrified me too! I had it 3 times and I can now honestly say that it was so much easier that I had built it up to be. I was mostly scared of the spinal block, I was scared to the point that I screamed and very nearly didn't go through with it, luckily I had a great doctor who talked me round and with in minutes of having the spinal block done we were laughing about my huge over reaction.

In all honestly brachy is really boring! All the things that seem scary now you can't really feel whilst they are doing it and the rest of it is just a lot of waiting around... I napped a lot on brachy days! If you do need to have it I suggest taking a good book or a few magazines to get you through the day.

I also found the removal of the rods and packaging the wrost part... it can be quite painful so I was given gas and air and with that in hand it was fine.


Thank-you xx

Thank-you xx

Thank-you everyone for your comments got a phone call today to go to find out exactly what is going to happen and what treatment plan they have for me 

You will tell us won't you :-)

Will let yous know xx

Hiya been to see the doc today I'm going to have 5 weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy one day a week and the brachytherapy I haven't agreed for the brachytherapy but see how I go it's frightening 

Don't look at it as your scared that it may hurt or what it may do to your body you need to look at it as your throwing everything at the cancer and your not giving it a chance.

The treatment plan is designed for you and it has been resracged and it has been tested on people like me and you. They don't give you the treatment because they feel like it they do it because it gives you the best chance possible. So what you may lose your hair I did and it's grown back I've had to gave it cut. So what it may make you poorly I'm fine now I'm back at work and doing ok.

I have advanced cancer and without this treatment I wouldn't be saying this. Don't be scared by out horror stories look as it that your fighting a battle that you want to win and your going to throw all you can at it. It's your body and your decision don't denie somthing because your scared

Great advice carmel x 

You've got to do what you can to stay alive. 

Nothing is as scary as you think it's going to be 

Hey Lianne,

What you don't know but Carmel and I do know is that only a few short weeks ago Melanie here was possibly the scaredest person in the whole world ever, and here she is telling you it's not so bad as all that. That is worth it's weight in gold!

Be lucky :-)