Chmeo and radiation

Hi everyone i had a radical hysterectomy and now have to have chmeo and radiation now on Monday and i am scared of what is going to happen and if i am going to be very sick. I am also scared that is this going to be the end of all this. I need someone to talk to. Thanks ladys :slight_smile:

hi there

sorry you are having to go through this,but you will hopefully find its not as bad as you imagine.the chemo ward is not as gloomy as you see on tv,and rads get easier and quicker every day. If you follow your teams instructions about when to take tablets and when to use creams,you will manage just fine. Most of us didnt start getting any side affects until around week three,bowel problems and fatigue mostly. Its totally doable,and go in with a positive attitude,it makes things easier.  

Tracey x


Hi Mmouse Having had all 3 treatments I can tell you radiation is the easiest to endure. The brachytherapy ia a bit yuk but overall your body will cope. I did suffer after the radical hyster but maybe that was due to having radio first. You can do it. Jayne

Hi Mmouse :-)

Just wanted to say that after the radical hysterectomy the chemo-rads is a walk in the park. You'll be fine, just listen to your body and do as it tells you :-)

Be lucky :-)

Can I ask, is the brachytherapy always done under general anaesthetic? If so are you totally unaware of the entire procedure?

please say yes, this is the treatment that I am having nightmares about!

Thank you


Hi Wendy The first one you need to be awake for as they scan you but don't worry they give you sedatives so you are off in Lalaland and won't be fussed. Besides it's near the end of your treatment and you would've conquered most of it so you're pretty happy. 

Hey Wendy

All my brachytherapy I had general aneasthetic. .I was awake for the actual radiotherapy part but reading on ere I think it's done differently depending where u are from? But  I have gotta say I was dreading it and found out there is nothing to it really..I had hardly any discomfort during or after ..hope it goes well for u :-) xx

I had my firat chmeo and radiation yetersaday and my second radiation today feel fine. I was just woundering when do the side affects normally kick in.  Thank you :-)

Hi Mmouse :-)

Radiotherapy diarrhoea normally kicks in during the third week. Hope it continues to go smoothly for you :-)

Be lucky :-)

Yeah it was the 3rd week for me. Tell your team as soon as it starts and they should sort you out with some tablets. X

I just wanted to say 1 week of chemo and radiation down. So far so good no side effects but i now they r coming. Can anyone tell me what to expect. :-)

Hi Mmouse,

Most likely is diarrhoea / bowel urgency. Once that one begins you never want to bee too far from a loo until you have worked out how best to manage it.

Be lucky :-)

This is my 3rd week of treatment. Didnt have any side effects until 2 days ago now i cant stay out of the bathroom.:-( i thought my scared feelings would get better as i started this but some days all i can do is think about what of it comes back after all this. Will thos feeling ever get any better.


1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, upgarded to 2b because of parametrial lymph node involved now having chmeo and radiation