Radical hysterectomy

Hi all

So today I had my pre op ready for radical hysterectomy next Tuesday......since being diagnosed 4 weeks ago I have to say things have moved along quite quickly.....although I was so happy my treatment plan had been put into place I'm now really nervous about the op and the recovery afterwards 


kelly x

Hi Kelly,

Good luck with the op, I too was scared however I coped a lot better than I thought I might! If you want to feel more in control you can prepare for surgery with diet, excercise, visualisation or whatever floats your boat and makes you feel more confident. If you have a gynea cancer nurse she might be helpful to chat to. Beste of luck - you'll sleep through the op and wake up all sorted. Xxx


The op is a big one but you WILL get through it.

The pre op makes it all a bit real doesn't it?

Everyone's op amd recovery is different. I had a pretty tough time. Would I do it again? Absolutely because the alternative just doesn't bare thinking about.

Good luck,