Pre op questions?

Hi all,

 I have my pre op tomorrow for my radical hysterectomy, VERY NERVOUS! no date for op yet so will be on standby! Bag packed! Yuk. 

Can anyone suggest anything that it would be a good idea for me to ask about tomorrow? I seem to be a bit all over the place!

Molly xxx

Hi there,

The pre op is meeting with a nurse (At my hiospital id never seen her before or since) who will basically check you are fit for surgery. Blood tests, weight, blood pressure etc. Are you meeting your surgeon too? I would ask surgeon about possible side effects. What he/she will do if they find the cancer has spread further than they thought. Do they know what ward you will be on already (so you can tell visitors in advance)

I remember my pre op day. Meeting with surgeon in morning and pre op assesment in the afternoon. The pre op was massively overrunning ansd i was there HOURS. Be prepared for a wait. It does bring it all abit closer so be prepared to be a bit wobbly after (emotionally)

Hope it goes well and on time!


Oh blimey. Thank you! I really hope they don't take quite that long as have to be in a different county for a meeting about my youngest by half three, having picked up DH on the third point of the triangle! Gah!!! 

thank you for replying. I met surgeon last week at treatment plan meeting. I suppose they prob do have a usual ward, so worth asking. Mind, they are sending me an hour away so won't have many visitors :-(

am putting off bedtime cos don't want tomorrow to come!!

Molly xx


Hope all goes well today Molly with your pre op. Xx



good luck Mollz - hopefully by the time you read this you will be home relaxing and drinking vino :) xxx

Thank you all. at home in bed! Found it really hard today. Post op sounds thoroughly unpleasant. Also traumatised by waiting room full of pregnant woman! Why do they ask ladies who are going through this to wait in the antenatal room!?

may get up for vino in a bit!!!!!

Molly xxx


PM me anytime with any questions. x

Hi Mollz

Waiting in the antenatal room? In my hospital all gynaecology and obstetrics were together on the same ward. Visitors had to run the gauntlet of congratulatory baskets of balloons to reach the hysterectomy girls. And being kept awake at night by crying babies, hah! We used to reward them with great big farts! (see other post!)

Lots of love