Operation Day looming, starting to get nervous

Hi All,

im due to have my radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal on Tuesday. the nerves are now starting to kick in! Any hints and tips before hand would be very much appreciated. I'm having to have an abdominal one due to other surgical complications from when I had my son, so I know recovery will be longer. any tips on this would be very much appreciated xxxxx

No advice sorry just want to wish u the best of luck for Tuesday and sending u hugs xxx


I had the same surgery in February and i was on in the hospital 2 nights then home. I was up and moving right away at home because the doctors told me to make sure to walk some , i felt better then what i though i would.  It is not to bad u will be ok.

Good luck and prayers :-)

1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, path report showed parametrial lymph node involved, 5 chemo and 5 weeks of radiation done may 2017


I had and abdominal trachelectomy. I would say buy some night dresses not pjs and some joggers wirh a loose thick waist band to wear after. Pepper mint tea also worked for me for bloating etc. Hope it all goes ok. I needed some help at home the first week or so as can't lift and found it very hard to get in and out of bed and sofa to begin with when home. Xx

Just wanted to wish you all the luck for Tuesday.. Before you know it you will be back home on the road to recovery 

Virtual hugs... Keep us updated Xxxx 

No advice to give, as I'm still a week out from mine, but the nerves are already kicking in, so think I'll be in a state this time next week! Will be hanging out here for some advice also. Love and hugs to you, and hope it goes well. xxx

Thanks for the well wishes guys! Xxx I've packed peppermint tea and nighties rather than pj's. I've been told I will be in for 5 days because of the complicated bit of the surgery. I've cooked lots of meals for the freezer....etc. It's just the fear of the unknown isn't it? Good luck with all your treatment too xxxx

Good luck kazzaG sending lots of hugs xxx

Good luck for tomorrow Kazza hope everything goes well and that you make a speedy recovery.. We are all here for you.. Sending massive virtual hugs xxx 

Hope all goes well for you. Xxx

Thanks everyone, means a lot xxxx

Good luck Kazza! Hope it all goes smoothly for you xx

Good luck xx

Good luck hunni im having tlh on thurs im nervous xxx

Good luck Lesley and storm chaser, hope surgery goes well for you both xxx

No Advice _ i just wanted to wish you good luck for today xxx

Hope all went ok today xxx

hope all went well

wishing you a speedy recovery x

Hi ladies just wanted to say all went well. Surgeon hit a few snags (due to previous surgery) but all done now. Out of bed just now sitting in chair. Still got morphine drip in but feel glad it's done.  Good luck to the ladies who are yet to have your surgery. The worst bit is the wait.


Karen xxc

Hi kazza been thinking about you and glad all went well, wishing u a speedy recovery xx