Well, Just waiting for my hysterectomy now!


Well have now been to see my consultant at the hospital where the op will be done and he has really just basically confirmed my understanding of it all. We have oped to go with the the radical hysterectomy as I am not looking to have any more children and I would rather take out as much of an element of risk as I can all at the same time.

The op is booked in for the 24th May, so a little bit of a wait but is a good date for me, which makes things all a bit easier. Just waiting for an appointment for my pre op now.

I am due to have an MRI in the next week or so, just to have a look at everything (bit scary - had a couple of nightmares that they will find all sorts on it!!! but he did reassure that they werent expecting to find anything untoward as still so early stage & no other problematic symptoms)

So feeling calm - ish at the minute though am sure will get more nervous and worried as the day approaches....

Have a bad moment every now again (only to be expected i suppose) and a couple of sobbing sessions locked away in the bathroom, but am sure this is all quite normal

Was just wondering if there are any other (scared!!) ladies out there in the same boat??