Quick Question!

Hi ladies,


Please can I ask you a quick question, can I ask how many of you found out about you cc from a routine smear and who had symptoms that prompted them to go to the docs and what the were?


Thank you :)

My cancer was diagnosed from a routine smear. I had no symptoms. Symptoms are lower back pain, dischgasrge, bleeding in between periods and/or after sex. Tiredness and feeling generally unwell..

I have only had to have lletz so far. Praying this has worked. But mine was my first routine smear (3 months before 25) with a family history of cc at a young age.

Have had back pain for years when the weather turns cold but ignored it because my previously dislocated patella and two previously sprained ankles are the same. Am also pretty much always tired.

my last smear was clear, my only symptoms was discharge I was having heavy bleeding so they investigated and that's when it was discovered. My heavy bleed was from a burst blood vessel on my cervix which Wernt related to the cc so am thanking god for the burst blood vessel because with out that I hate to think what the outcome could of been. I didn't no at the time discharge was a sign of cc I thought I may have had thrush due to antibiocs I had been on due to a flu bug xx


Mine was only discovered from a routine smear, I had no symptoms.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx