Hi all, Please could anyone tell me what symptoms of CC you have/had ?

thank you

Hi Sarbis,

i think a lot of people are symptomless and their cc is found through a routine smear. If you are worried about symptoms please go see your doctor so they can get you checked out and it can be resolved sooner rather than later. I think the most common symptom is pain or bleeding during or after sex.


Hi Tank86

Thanks for reply. I have been seen and waiting for colposcopy appointment. i have alot of CC symptoms but just wanted to know if others are similar to mine.


I had CC with no absolutely no symptoms, but a friend of mine had pretty much every symptom on the list but after her colposcopy/biopsy it turned out she only had CIN1 so it's not always bad news if you have some of the symptoms :)

My symptoms are abnormal bleeding that started just slightly in the morning then gradually bleeding now throughout the day. I have period type pains on and off, I have lots and lots of wees every day.  My back sometimes aches. I gave birth in January this year and the bleeding has started since then.  I went to my doctor 2 weeks ago and had a biopsy lat week. I get my results tomorrow and am already booked for an MRI and chest x ray on Thursday.  They have basically already told me it's cancer, I just need to find out now what stage it's at xx

My symptoms were urinating frequently, bleeding and pain during and after intercourse and lower back pain. You must understand that everyone I different and may not get any symptoms. I also had a clear smear 2 and half years ago xx