New Here CC symptoms

Good Evening Ladies,


This is my first time posting but I've been looking through forum posts for information and reassurance. I must say you're all amazingly strong, supportive and uplifting women. I love it!


Anyway I would like some guidance if possible?


Bit of a back story, I'm 34 now and in 2012 I was diagnosed with PCOS back in after 6+ years of trying to get an answer.

All smear tests have been clear. 

2015 I had been getting bad period like cramps, was sent for an ultrasound both abdominal and transvagnal all clear.

2016/2017 things started to get worse. Constant lower back pain, bloating, spotting and bleeding after sex. Had tests and smear came back with thrush and smear was clear. However my gp looked at my cervix and said it looked inflamed and possible erosion. 

I fell pregnant (with my first baby I was 32) in Sept 2017 and my regular smear test had to be postponed till after my baby was born so was my gynecologist appointment. 

Baby was born June 2018 since then I've had irregular periods which I've been told is normal after birth, uncomfortable/ painful intercourse, bleeding heavily during and after sex and horrible lower back pain and tail bone pain. This has gotten worse these past 6 months. Bleeding during and after sex especially these past 4 months. 


I've had another smear back in February this year which was fine, but I had BV and was put on antibiotics. 


Today I've had another ultrasound both abdominal and transvagnal. The sonographer said she couldn't see any abnormalities but my gp will discuss further. 


I'm at a loss as to what to do as I feel like a right hypochondriac and my gp surgery aren't the most supportive. 


What were your CC symptoms and what should I do next in relation to further testing? Or should I leave it with my GP to suggest. 


I feel like I'm being given the run around, gp nurses have said Im too young for CC which is bull! Cancer doesn't discriminate! I literally can't have sex with my fiance because I bleed so much, it has me in tears. 


Sorry for waffling on. Thank you in advance for reading and replying <3 


Kelly x


I had 8 years of bleeding after sex... I spoke to my go so many times who basically said to try a different pill, use lube .. I’ve had two TV scans .


i also suffer really bad thrush on and off which my gp said I was just unlucky!


my smear tests have never been abnormal 

last year I visited my go again as it was just getting stupid I saw a new gp who instantly referred me to gynae. Gynae said he could see I had a cervical eptropian and used silver nitrate to burn it off (painless and over in 5 mins). But it didn’t work and he told me he could see it wasn’t working.  So i was passed on for a colposcopy by a diff gynae 

new gynae said my natural eco system down there was in tatters and the constant bleeding etc would make the thrush hard to clear he also said he could see something abnormal so took a biopsy 


biopsy showed high high grade cgin so I had a lletz procedure on the 18th June ... my results showed high grade cgin (no surprise) but it was present in one biopsy margin so I’m being discussed in the next MDT on the 6th and I suppose they will let me know the plan after that ....

so don’t automatically assume it’s CC as there’s a whole range of things it can be before you get to that !

Think of the eptropian a bit like the inside of your nose , if you have a nosebleed it tends to then bleed easily if you sneeze or blow ya nose .


i can’t comment on the coil as I’ve never had one !

Thank you for your replies, 


It's really comforting to know there are ladies out there willing to offer advice and support. 

It's very worrying when bleeding after sex especially when the bled is getting much heavier each time. 

I'm going to the doctors again this week to discuss the bleeding and see if there is anything else they can do. I know I'm waiting for a gyne appointment but still hasn't come through as yet. 

I'm currently on the pill so can't really offer any advice on the coil, but my sister had the coil last year and was constantly spotting and her periods were heavy, she waited a few months to see if it sorted itself out but it didn't, she had a different one fitted instead and she's had zero spotting or issues with it. So maybe your doctor will change it for a different type of coil. 

I'm hoping that whatever is going on with my "downstairs" is easily treatable and nothing to worry about. Fingers crossed. 

Thanks once again x


The pill can cause bleeding after sex hun. 

It can cause loads of problems, I had to stop it and then the bleeding after sex disappeared. 

I've come to the conclusion that all contraception is shit for me ha so my fella is getting the snip after I've had this baby.