Hi there, I hope you dont mind me posting here - i have just joined.

I have not been diagnosed with CC, but believe I have relative symptoms, although I am hoping it is nothing to worry about.

I am 24 years old and have 2 young children. The past 6 months or so I have been having spontaneous bleeding outside of my cycle - usually bright red fresh blood with a brown discharge that appears beforehand. I am also bleeding after sex quite often (also the bright red blood). In all my time of having periods I have never suffered with painful cramps but recently I can only compare them to early labour pains when I am on. They take my breath away sometimes and I find it very concerning that this is happening out of nowhere.

I visited my local walk in centre after being unable to get a GP appointment and being more or less bundled in the car after another bleeding incident after sex by my partner who is considerably concerned. I seem to be burying my head in the sand, I should have done it earlier.

After an internal examination and 2 swabs I was told that I am to be referred for an early smear. Could somebody please enlighten me on what happens during this process? I am worried and my mind is in overdrive with all the possibilities of what could be wrong with my body.

Sorry if I have posted in the wrong place or this is an irrelavant post, I just seem to be getting myself in to a bit of a tizz over the whole situation and dont want to worry family or friends by speaking to them.

Thanks, Hannah xx



Hi there and welcome. It's not unusual to referred if you have been experiencing symptoms like abnormal bleeding, if the smear picks up aby abnormalities then you would then go for a colposcopy; a more detailed smear where they can take biopsies and also treat any abnormalities. This is usually a lletz which removes a layer of tissue with the effected cells and they are sent away to check you have "clear margins" that the outside of the biopsy is normal and all cells removed. 


Obviously finding yourself here you have considered the option that it may be cc but the majority of women even with symptoms that relate do NOT have cervical cancer. Loads of things can cause these symptoms including infection, erosion, contraceptives, hormone unbalance. The list goes on. 


Hope this helps

Charlene xx