Smear after treatment is clear but having loads of symptoms of cc

Wondering if anyone else has experienced similar. I had CIN3 last year and had 2 loop/lletz procedures done. They apparently had to remove a lot of my cervix on the second one. I then had a follow up smear in Feb 2016 and it came back clear. However I have been experiencing bleeding between periods, random blood clots, pain and bleeding during and after sex, stomach pains, back ache and pain in my bum sometimes too. All of this adds up to symptoms of cc! Went to the Dr they sent me for a scan to check womb and ovaries but all was fine so now they said just put up with it and try contraceptive pill to regulate the bleeding!! I’ve phoned to ask for a repeat smear but no answer as yet. Should I keep putting pressure on them to keep testing for things?


Hi Rachel

Sorry to hear you're going through this, it must be really stressful.

The fact that you've had a scan and it came back clear sounds like they're sure there's nothing sinister going on, however if you are worried I would say definitely keep pestering them for another smear test. Did they do any other tests? The symptoms you're describing are quite common to several other infections/conditions, so it might be worth trying to rule anything else out. It does sound liek you're in good hands though.


Thank you for your reply. The gp did tests for every infection and all were negative. The ultrasound was to check for conditions like endometriosis and fibroids etc and that was all clear. I have phoned my consultant at the hospital and have been booked in for a colposcopy on 3rd June so will hopefully know from that if there is definitely nothing to worry about. Hopefully. Just seems that there must be some explanation for the bleeding and pain and I can't think of anything else it would be. 


I'm glad they've booked you in for another colposcopy, hopefully they will be able to get to the bottom of it. 

Unfortunately, due to changes in our cycles and hormones, some women experience bleeding and pain for what seems like no reason. I had some strange symptoms (unrelated to cc) last year and I went for loads of tests and scans and nothing was wrong, in the end they just put it down to that being "normal for me", as they had ruled out any other possibilities! It's annoying, because when you have a problem you want to solve it!

I am sure they'll be able to do more for you, keep us updated!


Thank you for your reply. I'm hoping to find some explanation as will slowly go crazy if it continues and drs explain it away as normal. I think bleeding so much is also taking its toll on my energy levels. I have now been bleeding 17 out of the last 21 days! And 33 days out of the last 49 days. Sometimes it is quite light but a lot of the time it is heavy. Even when it's light I need to wear a tampon. I have used 8 tampons already today and still mid cycle! Crazy body. And the longer it goes on the more I convince myself that it will be due to cc! Fingers crossed I am clear when they test me again but that I find some explanation for the bleeding and constant pelvic and back ache :/ 

Hi Rachel did you find out what was causing your symptoms?

Hello. There was no medical explanation for my bleeding and symptoms! I had another colposcopy which came back fine and have had a smear since then which was also normal. My symptoms did settle a bit over time and then I had another baby and no symptoms at all during pregnancy! Since about 8 months post partner I’ve pretty much been bleeding non stop again! Had another scan and they found some clots in my womb so I’ve been referred to gynea again but appt isn’t until November and that’s a telephone appointment! I guess my body is just messed up or maybe early menopause?? Who knows

Glad to know things have settled down! I havnt been on contraception for over 3 years and been bleeding between periods since March with a lot of brown blood. Clear scan and blood test, had a smear on Tuesday awaiting the results but I’m so worried as unsure what could be causing the bleeding as I’m not on contraception and scan was clear. Can’t find anyone on here in a similar situation most people are on contraception.