Previous CIN3 + new medical problems

Hi guys I really  looking for people to share their stories if they have ever had anything similar, I reached out to this forum months back and it was so helpful and helped me adjust and accept here goes

I'm 25 years ond and in August this year I had to undergo surgery under GA to remove CIN3 I also tested positive for HPV. Although it was a lot to take it in knew my smear would come back abnormal as I have experienced pain and irregular periods for almost 3 years. The surgery went well but I then had an infection of my cervix and my immune system is already low due to GBS I had 8 years ago, I then picked up another 2 infections and was really unwell. All seemed to settle in the following weeks but I was still in pain and it was slowly getting worse.

In the end of September I done a random pregnancy test which came back positive , I was distraught as I knew I needed a smear again in the new year and I was so scared of missing it as I knew something was still wrong. I went to seek support and spoken to someone who said I should go straight to A&E as I was still in pain and I was pregnant they where querying ectopic as I had one on 2013 which needed methotrexate injections and no tubes where removed. After watchful waiting and continuous scans they confirmed pregnancy of unknown location and I was admitted to a women's hospital. I had surgery to remove the failing pregnancy but during this operation they found another problem.

They found that my bowel was distended and bulging out and suspected this was the cause of all my pain. I am under the gynecologist and the consultant and I have been given medication with querying endometriosis of the bowel and I was also sent for scans as a follow up from my last surgery. I have been to and from the GP with the agonising pain and also a trip to A&E. Last week I got a phone call from the hospital with news I was not expecting, they have found a growth on my left ovary, the side with all the pain,  I have to go for an emergency scan next week and my follow up appointment has been moved forward by 3 months and I am due to go see the consultant 19th December. I have also had a letter asking me to go for another smear, I really cannot function with all of this going on.

I know something is wrong as I feel quite unwell and I am petrified, I have a little boy who is 4 and I'm scared something will happen to me, I have started seeking advice as what will happen to my son if something does happen. I can't help but think all of this is related or whether it has contributed to one another. I am only 25 and in 5 months I have had so many gyne problems it's worrying. 

Has anybody else been through something similar? Or know anyone who has been through similar? 

Thank you for reading my story and I hope to hear back from everyone 

Dannielle xx

Aug 2017 - surgery GA CIN3 LLETZ and cone 

October 2017 - surgery to remove pregnancy of unknown location 

November 2017 - confirmation of distended bowel, under specialist 

November 2017 - emergency scan and follow up, found growth of love left ovary