Can anyone relate?

Hey just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience to me and what happened. This all started at the beginning of this year, I started having some unusual symptoms...bleeding during/after sex, heavy discharge, pelvic pains, lower back pain and a general feeling of being unwell. I went to my doctors and was sent for several different swabs to check for infection, all came back clear. I was then given a smear test at this time I was informed that my cervix appeared to be very red and inflammed and checked again for more infections which again was clear. My smear results however came back abnormal showing cin1 which I was told wasn't anything to worry about, however this didn't explain my ongoing symptoms so I was referred to gyne. Weeks and months passed whilst waiting for an appointment (typical nhs) and my symptoms gradually became worse to the point of affecting my daily life, sex was out of the question and I was going through several pairs of underwear a day, not to mention the pain I was experiencing. I returned to my doctors and was again examined, this time my doctor rang the hospital and I was referred for colposcopy. I waited a further 8weeks for this appointment where I was then informed by the gyne clinic that yes I did have cin1 but my problem was being caused by my birth control which had caused a cervical ectopy (how my doctor missed this is beyond me) they took a biopsy anyway but assured me there was nothing to worry about qnd it should clear itself once I'd changed my birth control. I wouldn't need to see them again until next year for another colposcopy to ensure the cin1 had cleared. That was 2weeks ago and today I have received a letter informing me that I have to go back to the hospital on the 3rd of November :S now I'm extremly confused as to why they've asked me to come back when they seemed so sure they wouldn't be seeing me for another year, is it possible my biopsy has shown something that the doctor didn't see or am I worried over nothing here? I'm 22 by the way and other than a slightly low white blood cell count I'm in good health. 

Hi AC1991

I've had a very similar experience to you! I have been suffering with pain and bleeding during/after intercourse for the last year or so. I had a smear, colp and biopsies last year which showed CIN1 but they decided not to treat at that point and see if it got better on its own. My bleeding actually got a lot worse over the last year so I went back in july and have since been diagnosed with CIN2 and a cervical ectropian. I had a LLETZ procedure last week to remove the abnormal cells and the nurse believes she will have removed the ectropian as well. Two birds with one stone as she put it! I have also stopped taking the pill in the hope that it won't come back.

Don't be too scared about the fact they're calling you back. It might be that they think it is in your best interests to have treatment to the area. You will be in great hands, and it's comforting to know that they are trying to sort everything a bit quicker now. Stay in touch - this is a great place to get some reassurance and advice from people going through the same thing :)

laura xxx



I had a very similar experience. It sounds like exactly what i had. I was then diagnosed with CIN 3 which this week i under went a LET procedure. I am currently waiting for results. It is always a good sign that they want to call you back. Even though the time, and the waiting is very painful just like what you are experiencing at least you'll know and understand what is going on once you have spoken with them in person.


Sometimes it is worth getting a second opinion from another doctor especially if it is taking as long as you have described. In certain cases the nhs is pretty rubbish however i pursued my pain complaint i'm waiting 3 weeks of receiving my results i underwent this procedure this week..


Is never comforting not know what is going on with your bodybut at least you are doing something about it.


Keep us updated on the results, stay positive in control your emotions your body understands when there's something going on when you're over thinking it it just makes things worse.

Hi, i also have had a similar situation. In march i had spotting between my periods i booked in for a smear which was due around that time anyway. My results came back with CIN III. I was then booked in for a colposcopy. All seemed back to normal until August when i then began to bleed again. I was then referred back to the hospital which was a 5 week wait and began to bleed again the day before my appointment.  When at the hospital the nurse gave me another smear whilst also advising me that the lab may not look at the sample with it being 4 weeks before i was due one. She also removed some tissue that had began to grow into a lump over the scar area on my cervix. X

Don't be afraid to ring them and ask why they have called you back if you were told different, if you haven't already :)