Referred for Colposcopy after visual exam

I am 19 years old and I have been having symptoms such as bleeding after sex and during. Pain during sex. Vaginal discharge which is weird in colour and smell. Spotting.

I went to the doctors as I was convinced it was a STI as my partner got tested too early and didn’t know until I had told him which was after I had all these symptoms.

The STI results came back negative and the doctor had a look at my cervix and said I would be sent for a Colposcopy. I’m convinced it’s CC. Is there anything else it could be? Me and my partner want to conceive but not sure if we should wait and see what the results of the colposcopy is. I’m going back to my GP tomorrow because I still have loads of questions. But any answers would be appreciated :slight_smile:

hello, i also am having these symptoms, bleeding during/after sex, discharge, spotting in between periods, cramping, lots of vaginal discharge all the time. i went to the gp as i thought i had a prolapse after having my children but she said i dont have one. she then said i needed to be referred to have a colposcopy, i have my appointment on friday 7th april and im nervous as hell but try not to worry im sure theres lots of other things it could be. im definintely finding waiting is the hardest part to this. also im thinking if i dont have cervical cancer then what the hell is causing all these symptoms, my head is all over the place as the moment. i dont really have any useful advice i guess i just wanted to let you know that your not alone xxx


sorry to hear about your difficult time! At the colposcopy they will take a closer look at the cervix and may take a biopsy to determine what is going on. Depending on those results is dependant upon the treatment type. Usually CIN 1 is not treated and they usually recover By them self. However CIN 2 and CIN 3 require treatment. CIN are not cancer they are cell changes - the higher the CIN the more likely they are to develop into something if they are left untreated however this can take years. i would recommend waiting to conceive and find out what is happening. I don't think they will complete treatment on you if you are pregnant at the time and you usually have to wait until afterwards which is extra stress for you waiting 9 months. I had my first smear last year and results came back low grade dyskaryosis high risk HPV I had biopsies taken which confirmed CIN 2. I had cold coagulation treatment and follow up smear 6 months later. Just been for my follow up smear which came back high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis so despite my treatment my cells have changed. i am awaiting an appointment to go back to colposcopy. i know it's easier said than done but try not to worry hopefully once you go to colposcopy you will be more reassured. X