Worried about symptoms, waiting for colposcopy

Hi everyone.
I’m just worrying a little at the minute and would love some advice or just for someone to listen And to see whether anyone had a similar experience to me.

Back in March 2019 I had an abnormal smear that showed CIN 3, I had the keep procedure to remove the cells and was told to go back in 6 months for follow up smear.

A few months after this I started bleeding quite heavily for weeks on end which is not normal for me. The bleeding would then stop for a few days then start again, this has been going on for a while now but the bleeding has stopped for a few weeks now. I have had spotting and weird brown discharge almost every day. I have bled after sex, not every time but a couple of times. I’m also suffering with constipation and have lower back pain and pains in my stomach mainly at the sides. The symptoms aren’t constant, they are on and off, some days I feel fine and have no symptoms then other days I’m in agony and have lots of weird discharge ect.

I went to my GP a few weeks ago to tell her about my symptoms. My follow up smear was due a couple of weeks later but my GP decided to do it there and then and also do a swab to test for infection. She rang a week later to say there was no infection and that she didn’t want to wait for my smear results and is referring me for a colposcopy. I have the colposcopy in just over a week.

I just wondered if anyone has had a similar sort of experience and what their outcome was?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Anyone :)

Hi Liv 

I don’t really have a similar experience. I would say it’s good your GP is being proactive and getting you appropriate referrals.  You have had a colposcopy before so you know what to expect. At least the appointment is next week so not too long to wait.

Good luck xxxx

Hi liv, 

I have just read your post and in a similar place to you. I started bleeding after sex two years ago so was referred to coloscopy then. I believe then all they did was swan and look, I bleed at touching but swabs came back as BV. So it was all left left, however it's continued for 2 years! After every sex session. And now spotting between, lower back ache and sometimes I wake feeling winded! 
I teach slot of fitness classes so put the later side effects down to exercise! And the bleeding I just thought was re occurring Bv! 
Two weeks ago I had had enough so went back to doctors, she looked swabbed and referred me instantly. I had a call in 24 hours from the hospital, app then 48 hours later!

the doctors could see visible changes and the part of the cervix that bleeds, still bleed on touch. They didn't really say too much, just asked if my partner was supportive, and if I had had my children! This only worried me when I got home. 
they took 3 cervical biopsy from 1,6 and 10 of my cervix (they look at it as a face of a clock) and an aspiration biopsy! 
I did have to ask on that what they were doing, she just explained it took cells from the womb. 

I left with a strong face but as soon as I got in the car, worry hit me with 100s of questions! 

have you had your app yet?? And how are you keeping? 

Hey thanks so much for your reply :) 

Wow sounds like you've been through quite a lot! Have you heard anything since they did the biopsy? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it's not bad news. I think that's the hardest part isn't it waiting for news? 

I haven't had my colposcopy yet it's on Monday (28th) so not far away, I'll let you know how it goes! 

My symptoms are literally all over the place right now. I'm not spotting at the minute but I have a large amount of constant discharge and my stomach and back are absolutely killing me. I've had to call in sick yesterday and today because of it. I hate having time off work but I couldn't go in feeling like this :( 



Thank  you :) xxx

Hi Liv,

I have similar symptoms to you but no bleeding. I'm waiting for my colposcopy on the 29th so the day after yours. I had CIN1 then CIN2 a few years ago and it finally went back to normal after about two years of 6 monthly checks and I was signed off in 2017 to go back to three yearly smears. (So my smear was due next year.)

I've had awful pelvic pain and went to see my GP. She said there were signs of infection and took swabs and reffered me for a pelvic ultrasound. The results came back clear of infection but I wasn't really happy with the way she had brushed me off considering the significant pain I'm in. (I have Crohn's disease so I'm used to pain unfortunately and I wasn't being melodramitic when I told her at times it's crippling.)  So I decided to go the the local sexual health clinic and ask to be screened for all STIs. I'm married and have no reason to believe I have an STI but I wanted some reassurance. The doctor who I saw wanted to do another pelvic examination and instantly said there were no signs of infection.

She was lovely and reassuring but she said my cervix doesn't look healthy. She said not to worry it might just be CIN 2 again but the last time I had a colposcopy when it was CIN2, they always told me everything looked healthy, it only ever showed up after the biopsy tests. I've also never had pelvic pain because of it. So now I'm really concerned about what she has seen. She referred me urgently and my appointment is next week.

I can't offer you any help or advice but it seems we're in a similar position at the same time.

Hope you've got a bit of relief since Wednesday.