Colposcopy for abnormal bleeding

Hello Ladies.

I haven't posted here for quite a while but am posting today, partly to vent my frustration and partly to find out if anyone has experienced anything similar.

I had Loop treatment for CIN I & II back in Feb/March 2011 and my subsequent smears have been normal.  Back in November 2011 I started to have a little bit of abnormal bleeding and bled a couple of times after sex, just light spotting.  I put the spotting down to stress as I had just had a sudden bereavement.  As my second follow up smear was due in Feb 2012 I waited until then and mentioned it to the nurse.  She said she could see there was blood on my cervix but that the cervix looked normal and to wait for the results.  The results came back clear so I again thought it was stress etc.  Anyway the spotting continued but was not everyday and not after every time I had sex, so I put off going to my GP about it.  I finaly went in August 2012 when I passed a clot the morning after I had sex and the spotting then continued for 10 days until my period.  She examined me and did another smear and took some swabs for infection.  She also said there was blood on my cervix and she cleaned it before she did a smear (which I thought was a strange thing to do as I thought they recommend no douching or sex before a smear because of the risk of interfering with the results).  Anyway the smear was again normal and the swabs were fine, no infection.

The GP then sent me for an ultrasound, more waiting, the results of that were normal apart from the ovaries looking polycystic.  The GP didn't think this would cause the bleeding so finally referred my to gynaecology.  Fast forward to January 2013 and I had my appointment on the 2nd, where the decision was taken to refer me for a colposcopy because of my history, although they again said my cervix looks normal.  I was told i would hear quickly but as I still hadn't heard by today (and i know these things can get lost) i chased the consultants secretary, only to be told that the refrral to colposcopy hasn't been processed because the typing secretary is off sick!!!  Apparently it won't be done until she gets back. Unbelievable!

I'm now bleeding or spotting more days than not and I have developed awful backache that comes and goes. I feel so tired all the time and have felt faint and nauseous often recently.  I know the chances of CC are low especially given the clear smears, but I am just so cross that my colposcopy referral is just sat on someones desk whilst I am having to deal with this day in day out.

Thanks for reading

Rachel Smile



Has anyone had normal smear tests results but had symptoms and later been diagnosed with CC?


I've had quite a few problems with abnormal cells over the years and had a few treatments to my cervix. Last year I started spotting between periods which eventually turned into almost constant bleeding (I was prescribed medication to stop me bleeding so they could carry out  my 6 monthly smear), like you I was a little anxious about this due to my history. The smear came back clear so I was referred for an ultrasound and then on to a gynaecologist for a hysteroscopy. It turned out that I had both fibroids and polyps, both of which cause spotting and bleeding between periods and after sex. I was offered treatment (either hysterectomy or surgery to remove the fibroids) but decided that as I now knew the cause of the bleeding I would wait and see.

The gynaecologist told me that fibroids and polyps are fairly common; they believe up to a quarter of women will have them at some time and it’s not unusual for them to cause irregular bleeding.

To be honest when the bleeding started I feared the worse, but it turned out to be something far less serious and much more common

I know from all the research I did at the time there are quite a few different conditions that causes of spotting and bleeding between periods and after sex, most of them are quite common (pill, errosions, hormonal changes) so fingers crossed your symtoms will have a less serious cause.


Thank you for your reply Angela.

Out of interest did they find the fibroids and polyps on the ultrasound, as mine was clear apart from the polycystic ovaries?  I would be interested to know if they didn't show up on ultrasound and were only discovered during the hysterscopy.

Also are you using anything to stop the bleeding, the pill or coil? I'm just so fed up of it now and want it to stop.


Hi Rachel

I was prescribed tranexamic acid which did stop my bleeding at the time but extended bleeding has been on and off for the last year. I’m currently back on the tranexamic acid as I’ve been bleeding for the last 6 weeks and I’m due another smear  (but it’s a very short term treatment and not a long term solution). I have read other ladies mention a few different things they have been prescribed from their doctor, many of them hormone based. Unfortunately I get migraine headaches (hormone related) so I’m not able to take the pill.

The fibroids did show up at the ultrasound but the polyps didn’t. The consultant was keen to fit a Mirena coil during the hystercopy as he thought that would stop the bleeding but because the damage to my cervix from the Lletz and cone biopsy he couldn’t get it in!

I hope you find the answer to your bleeding; it is very wearing and worrying when it goes on so long and you don’t know the cause 


Just to update, I finally had a call back from my consultant's secretary regarding my colposcopy appointment.  The referral has now been made (following lots of hiccups their end).  She was very dismissive and said "Well you had a clear smear in August didn't you? So I don't know how quickly they will want to see you, you may have to wait a while".  Frown

Feeling very fed up because even if they find nothing, which I know is most likely, until I get the colposcopy over and done with I can't move on to any further tests or treatment.


Hi, I’m experiencing something similar. I have had history of smears and in 2009 had cold coagulation for treatment of CIN1 /borderline as I was bleeding irregularly post natally. Fast forward two clear smears and a discharge from colposcopy clinic to now and ovary pain and lots of post coital bleeding. No irregularly bleeding or spotting. Just post coital. My last smear 8 weeks ago was normal… yeah go figure ! I’ve been referred for a laparoscopy with hysteroscopy and referred back to the colposcopy clinic. My cervix ‘looks bealthy’, definitely no erosion. I am absolutely terrified the ‘issue’ lies further up the endo cervical canal hence the clear smear… i am just about managing to survive the  day and looking after my two young children by clinging to the hope that there’s a tiny percentage it could be fibroids/polyps. Although, being only 25 I know this is definitely a tiny chance. I’m sure everything will be absolutely fine for you, I just thought I’d say I can really relate! Keep us posted xxxxxxxx

Hi, thanks for your support. It's comforting to know there are people out there who understand how I feel. Your doctors sound on the ball, if you have already been referred for laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.  Mine won't do anything else until I've had a colposcopy, which seems to be taking its time.  I know the chances of it being cc are very small but I'm so tired I just want something done and the delays feel like torture. I must try to have more patience! 

Let me know when you get your appointments through, best of luck x 

Hi Angela

I received a letter today to say the consultant has looked at my notes again and has now decided not to do a colposcopy but to do a hysteroscopy!  Yes 3 weeks later they decide that! i was just wondering how long you had to wait for your hysterscopy as there is no indication in the letter I received and a quick internet search is throwing up 12 weeks!



I have been bleeding nearly every day since 11th December 2016 i had an internal ultrasound scan in january which showed a cyst on my right ovary i was told it wasnt a concern as was small nothing else showed up , i booked myself in for a smear test but was told they wouldnt do it if i was still bleeding luckily the day before my scaN bleeding stopped so i had my smear test the nurse told me i had lots of blood inside by the evening i started bleeding again , after waiting 4weeks for resluts ive been told that the cells from my cervix look normal 

why am i bleeding then?

i have had other health issues too ive had severe lower back pain since july 2016 in which i had mri that showed that my 3 and 4th facet blocks are black in december i had facet block injections that have not worked at all 

i had guttate psoriasis flare up all over my face neck chest and back 26th december and have had three bouts of arterior uveitis since may 2016 

my stomach is bloated and has been since july 2016 i also wee a hell of a lot 

dont know what else to do 

please any answers ?

Not sure how much help this will be but I had a borderline result with positibe for high risk hpv. I am awaiting a coloscopy appt.

I have been been having symptoms after birth of my son, bleeding inbetween period, after sex and foreplay and pelvic pain not associated with my period.  Ive also had unusual discharge that has a strange smell that's not normal for  me.  Nurse at smear said my cervix was very high and she almost couldn't find it, then made a comment that any other nurse who not as experienced would probably have struggled to find it. This makes me abit suspicious about the results. Cause these sympoms don't seem to be getting better..