cin1 and hpv

Hi, im new to this and not quite sure if im doing this right:/ anyway in september 2013 i was diagnosed with CIN1 and hpv, i was told i would need to go back in 12 months, since this tho ive had irregular bleeding especially after intercourse, and i feel like i smell all the time:( i am scared to go the doctors incase anything has gone worse:( really dont no what to do!!! 

Hi there, im new to this too and can't give you any advice in the after effects as iv not yet had my colposcopy although I hope all is ok and you get the right answers. Do you minnd me asking, after your smear test when they send the letter, does it state that you have abnormal cells and HPV? X

Hi, yes thats what it said on my letter, then had to go for a colposcopy and the result were cin1 with hpv, hope everything goes good for you, and dnt be scared about the colposcopy, all tho we are all diffrent it didnt hurt me :) xx

hey, go back to ur doctor and tell them your symptoms, could be an infection from the biopsy but that was over 5 months ago. But def worth a trip to doctors and ask them for a smear. They will do you one, explain your cin1 and hpv positive and they will do it. Biopsy only takes a few days to heal so unless it was an infection then it would be because of that. Good luck tho :) xx

Thanks for your reply, have plucked up the courage to go back to the doctors tomorrow :( feeling nervous and for sone reason abit embarrassed!!  Will see what happens. X