Confused and worried

Hi ladies,


I'm new here but could really do with some advice, sorry for the long post.

I've always had normal smears but did have a colposcopy in 2009 because of abnormal bleeding, the colposcopist said something about my cervix being tilted and it was nothing to worry about.

Fast forward to this year, I went for my regular smear, thought it would be over in a few minutes and I would be on my way, but the nurse saw something, she told me to stay on the bed while she went to get a doctor, I asked her if everything was ok and she just said "hold on a minute". The doctor had a look and said to the nurse not to wait for my results and just send me straight to colposcopy.

I freaked out, I couldn't stop crying all I could think about was that I have 3 beautiful children who need me.

A few weeks later I received a letter in the post from cervical screening that said I was HPV negative so they didn't look at my smear sample.

I went for a colposcopy at the beginning of August where they took punch biopsies and I was told that I have a (nabothian?) cyst and that the results of my biopsy would be sent to my doctor.

This morning I have received a letter that says 'as expected, the biopsy taken during your colposcopy appointment showed mildly abnormal cells (CIN1) therefore we need to see you in colposcopy and an appointment is enclosed'.

Now I'm completely confused and slightly angry at cervical screening for not checking, if the doctor hadn't sent me to colposcopy for whatever reason I wouldn't know about this CIN1 or worse until my next smear.

Do you think one of the tests could be wrong? What happens if you have CIN1? I feel like a yo-yo with all these emotions, like I'll be fine one minute then thinking the worst.

I know lots of you lovely ladies have had much worse so I'm sorry to sound so trivial. Lots of love to you all 


I have recently been diagnosed with CIN1 after having abnormal bleeding, I am not of age yet to have a smear test as I am only 21 but luckily I went to the doctors and got referred to the coloposcopy section. I have been asked to go back in 6 months to check if these cells have developed further or not as it means at this stage they are seen to be not dangerous. I have spoken to many people about CIN1 as I was very worried but I have learnt that they monitor these frequently to check. Hope this helps I am new to this too and don't have much understanding but after visiting the doctors and also talking to someone who had CIN3 I feel a lot more calm and understand it takes a while for cells to progress 


molly x

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me Molly, I really appreciate it. 

I'm relieved to know CIN1 is not seen as too dangerous. It's a bit confusing when your new to all this stuff.

Best wishes