HPV and CIN 1 last year, painful second smear

Hi all 


Last year I had my first ever smear test, results came back as HPV and abnormal cells.

Had colposcopy, results CIN1 and yearly smears.

Had my second smear 6 and a half weeks ago now. The pain was awful, literally felt like the nurse was using barbed wire to take the sample. It was reasonably pain free last year for smear and colposcopy but this smear was horrendous and I  bled for a couple of weeks after. 


I have been calling my GP surgery for results as my symptoms seem to be getting worse, I bleed a lot (around half the month, I am on the contraceptive injection and don't normally have periods) have pain in my back and vaginal area


I know so many people are probably in this position and I'm probably over reacting but is there anything I can do? The receptionist at gp surgery said that they are 9 weeks behind on results. 

I know it will sound so silly but does anyone have any advice? I'm considering paying for a private colposcopy 

Hi Lmay,


We're in the same situation. I've had CIN1 last year and now my follow up smear has come back with possible high-grade changes (CIN2). I have to book another colposcopy but they didn't have any availability and waiting is killing me.  If you're that worried I'd probably just pay for private to give me peace of mind. :)