Called for 2nd Colposcopy! Advice needed!

Hello, I hope this is the right place to post my question. I'm new here and seeking some advice! I've had what I would call "dodgy" smear tests fot as long as I can remember, I started having smears early at 21 as I was experiencing bleeding after sex (I'm now 28) i have mostly had borderline changes, that have been left then changed back to normal and then gone back again! I tested positive for HPV last year after they introduced testing for this in my area. I had a colposcopy and it came back CIN1. I've just had my year follow up from this and have been asked to go back for another colposcopy again. I just wanted some advice really, I was frustrated that they didn't treat the CIN1 when try found it (we already have Cervical cancer in my family) I just wanted to hear from other people about their experiences. Has anyone had CIN1 twice? Or is it more likely to have escalated to CIN2? or maybe it will all be clear and I've only been called for colposcopy because of the HPV? If so will all my smears come back the same and automatically be referred to colposcopy? 

I do apologise in advance, I know this May seem quite small to many of you that are going through much worse, any friendly advice would be much appreciated! 


no such thing as a small worry when it comes to this sort of thing, I think!

i think if you're prone to the changes then you will keep getting them, but they may keep returning to normal. They are doing the best for you by giving you the colposcopies to check. You may carry on like this! Best thing would be to thoroughly boost your immune system to try to get the HPV to retreat. 

Hugs, Molly