Hello, i have recently been for my smear and received a letter stating I had high grade (servere) dyskaryosis. I'm am 26 and have put having the smear off due to been nervous.


i am frightened to death now as I have been having a lot of pain during sex, which I seen my gp about and he said it may be my endometriosis So I never thought much more into it.

since then I've had a lot of spotting, and a pinkish discharge.

i was just wondering if anyone can shed any light, I have received a letter for colposcopy on the 10th April.



i cant offer much advice but i hope your ok :(

i have mupltiple high risk hpv and i have to just wait til september for my next smear it is horrible when they just leave you in the dark and dont give you much advice

hope all goes well sending you lots of love x

can they tell me on the day? Of my colposcopy ? And no I'm far from okay Hun, how are you coping? 

Hi Both,

In my experience the colposcopy appointment is usually to have a bit of a look and if necessary take a small biopsy to check for abnormal cells. They don't tend to tell you on the day as sometimes they have to send a sample off for testing and it can take 4-8 weeks to get back results. There are various grades of CIN and 100s of hpv viruses, I think of it like catching a cold. You could have a couple in your lifetime and they can come and go without too many problems, but only a couple are linked to being a bit more aggressive and persistent.

Its not the nicest thing to do but Ive always found the various doctors and nurses really lovely and if you have any questions, write them down so they can give you any advice. If you can remember to breathe and relax as it makes it a lot more comfortable.

The worst bit for me is always the waiting in between appointments as this is when the worry sets in. In my experience the longer the wait the better the result. When I have had problems they have called my straight in for treatment.

There are also lots of stages of treatment and the tend to do this least invasive required. I'm sure if you need any treatment they will explain it all to you.

Hope it goes ok.