Waiting on results

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting in the forum and I just want some advice.

I had my first smear at 26 and was abnormal so was sent for a colposcopy where I found I  had high grade HPV and low grade dyskariosis- not sure if this is the same as Cin1? They took a biopsy but I never received results.

I had my follow up smear a year later and again was abnormal so sent for 2nd colposcopy where I could see my cervix and could see the changes myself! A lot bigger section of what looked like white spots?

The second colposcopy was incredibly painful and i bled profusely for 2 weeks whereas I didn't feel the first hardly .

My concern is I had pain during sex and experienced bleeding afterwards for a few days last week??


It's been 6 weeks and I have rang both hospital and gp but no results. I'm terrified 

Hi Squarelou. Sorry you find yourself in this position. Waiting for results is such a horrible time. Do keep chasing for them and try to get the biopsy report as they should let you know. Sadly we have to do a lot of the chasing now to make sure things have been done properly. It shouldn't be too much longer now so you will soon know what is going on. I think the not knowing is the worst thing. Good luck anyway and stick with the site as there is a lot of really helpful information on it. 

TThank you rachel. Just had my results in and as concerned it has upgraded to Cin2 with an appointment for loop excision. 


I know CC takes years to develop but for my results to go from mild dyskariosis to cin2 in 12 months seems really quick development?