Pregnant- cervical length scan


I had lletz & biopsy under GA for treatment of CIN3 in February.  I am currently 14 weeks pregnant & had a referral to consultant due to my previous treatment.  He’s now requested a scan for me at 16 weeks to measure my cervical length....can’t help but google and now fearing the worst...anyone else going through the same at the moment or recently?  Just wondered what options there were if a short length was detected?  I’ve also got a fibroid which they are going to check up on as when he felt my tummy, he said it felt larger then 14 weeks and could also feel a mind has gone into overdrive!

Hi lexi, not sure if you're on Facebook but there's a group called incompetent cervix UK. Lots of women on there pregnant after lletz surgery. I know women personally who have had babies aftee lletz and had no issues but if they find your cervix is shortening early they can offer you a stitch to hold it closed or progesterone pessaries. It's good they're monitoring you to be on the safe side but if you've only had one lletz you may well be fine, depends how long your cervix was to start with and how much they took away but great they're keeping an eye on things x

Hey lovely, 

i haven’t had an experience like this since my cc diagnosis but when I was pregnant with my son they were concerned my cervix was shortening and they did internal ultra sounds to monitor any changes every two weeks as a precaution. I was told that if they were concerned I could have a cervical stitch to help hold my cervix closed. I never needed the stitch but at 23 weeks I had a steroid shot to help develop my sons lungs just in case. I ended up going to natural labour at 38 +5. It was a terrifying time and I didn’t start to relax till quite late on in my pregnancy but it’s great that they are keeping a close eye on you and as Libby has said there are deffo things they can do. 

Hopefully your scan at 16 weeks will help ease your mind. 

Much love xxx