Cervix length scan pre-pregnancy

Hi all,

I had a lletz for cin 3 and cgin about a year and a half ago and was told at the time that I might be at increased risk of preterm birth or miscarriage if I were to get pregnant and that they might have to put a stitch in. 

I was wondering if anyone on here has an experience with getting a scan to check length of remaining cervix BEFORE you get pregnant? I appreciate this isn't usually done till during pregnancy and it's hard to tell how much it will shorten during pregnancy. But I just feel like I would like to be armed with more information before making the decision to try to get pregnant. If I can go into it knowing how much cervix is left I can better advocate for myself should I need a stitch or even make the decision not to get pregnant if I feel I am not equipped to deal with the potential loss.

thanks! Xxx


My friend is a midwife and she said that when she's booking women in this is mentioned at the time. The stitch is given I believe after 3 months. 



Hi Emily,

I have had 2 LLETZ treatments and am worried about the same thing, except I am 9 weeks pregnant. From what my midwife has said, the risk is more from premature labour later on in the pregnancy rather than increased risk of early miscarriage. I am waiting to get my appointment next week for my transvaginal scan to assess my cervix and then the consultant will decide if I need a stitch or not. My midwife has explained that women who have had a cone biopsy often need a stitch but for those who have had a LLETZ, it is sometimes not needed.

Hope this helps in some small way.

Max xx


I had my cervix length scanned last week, 5 months after my 2nd lletz for cgin. I am not pregnant.

My gynaecologist suggested I have this done before TTC as my second lletz was a top hat.

The consultant told me I do not need an abdominal cerclage before falling pregnant as my cervix is not too short (I think she said 2.8cm??I was just relieved when she told me no stitch now that I didn’t listen to the actual length)
But if I fall pregnant I would be monitored for shortening of cervix every 2-3weeks and if needed they would then put a stitch in.

I’m glad I went for this scan in the end although I had to pay for private.