Pregnant after Lletz and Cone Biopsy

Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong forum, there isn't one about pregnancy so i though this was closest. 

in 2015 i had a lletz procedure and cone biopsy and have been left with about 1.5cm of cervix. I am currently 8w4d pregnant and have my first appointment with obstetrician on Monday and seperate appointment with midwife the same day. I know it is likely i will need a stitch and risks of second trimester miscarriage are higher for me. 

I am looking for some advice to put my mind at ease a little bit and to help me ensure i am getting the correct care to do everything possible to try and make sure there are no complications for me or the baby. If anyone has been in the same situation and would be happy to share their experiences on what happened at your first appointment, when you first had a cervical length scan, whether you were put on bed rest and how often you were monitored for cervical length i would greatly appreciate it. I'm absolutely terrified and have just moved to a new city so i dont know any of the healthcare providers here (i saw an obstetritian prior to getting pregannt in a different city who was brilliant so im nervous about seeing someone new.)

any help appreciated!!!



please :(

Hi Jojo

I've only just seen this, and gather it's too late for your appointment but how are you getting on?

I had a LLETZ and cone last year for 1a1, and got pregnant in October.  I had a viability scan at 8wks, my cervix measured at 9 (measured 1.9cm) and stitch placed at 13wks.  She told me there was less cervix than she'd thought, and had to move my bladder to get it in.  Talk about scaring me!!!

At my follow up appt two weeks later the consultant told me my cervix was nice and closed.  I was checked using the abdominal scanner they use at your usual 12 week scan so I got a bonus view of baby :) 

I'm currently 17+4 and my next appt is Monday, I'll be 18wks.  I'm not sure how often they'll be after this, but to be honest I'm hoping fortnightly as I'm starting to get nervous/anxious about everything.  I've been told it's almost certainly going to be a preterm delivery, I'm just hoping for 28wks +!

I've found 2x FB groups helpful - Incompetent Cervix UK and Incompetent Cervix Support Group.  Most of these women have stitches because their cervixes have dilated early as opposed to reasons like ours, however there are a few.  Nonetheless, there are lots of positive stories that are keeping me going!

I hope this helps.  Let us know how you're getting on! xxx

Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately this pregnancy didn't work out for us and it turns out we had a missed miscarriage, absolutely heartbroken :(. I'm having the ERPC surgery on Friday as my body 3 weeks later hasn't recognised anything is wrong. We hope to try again once I'm recovered so your group recommendations are really helpful, thank you for that. I wasn't sure where to turn for advice so that's really valuable information for next time. 

I'm pleased to hear that your pregnancy is going well and wish you all the best for the next bit. Sounds like you are being well looked after :).

Best wishes, Jo xx

Hi Jojo I'm sorry to hear that Cry I had an MMC last year, and my body didn't react either.  I ended up having the surgical intervention.  It's all such a hard process, I think moreso when you've already dealt with what we have!

Best of luck for the future xx